8:07pm - Alright we are 2 hrs into Secret Church. Just went through the Old Testament and heard about what it teaches us about suffering: Suffering and the Law, The Deliverance of Suffering through Blood Sacrifices, God is faithful so put your trust in Him. Praise God that we can see a biblical picture of suffering and understand His Word.

David reminded us that not only are we gathering tonight to study the Word of God so we can tell others, but also to pray for our brothers and sisters in the Horn of Africa. As he closed he introduced us to the Horn through a video. If you missed the video here it is. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTiQ_BX-xGg]

Ladies and Gentlemen we have the privilege to come alongside our brothers and sisters in the Horn of Africa and pray with and for them. Pray for the gospel to go forward. Pray for the church to grow as new believers are added to the family. Pray for boldness as believers in the Horn suffer greatly because people are coming to faith in Christ. Pray for God to make them steadfast for His glory.

For more information and ways to pray visit www.prayforthehorn.com