Each year The Church at Brook Hills sends individuals and families called Mid-Termers to serve in different parts of the world. Mid-Termers are those who serve anywhere from 2 months - 2 years. It is a key element to the Global strategy at The Church at Brook Hills. These individuals and families serve with strategic partners to strengthen the Long-Term Disciple-Making efforts of the church around the world. Below are a few of those we are sending out this summer. Join us as we pray for them this week.


Amanda G. - Amanda grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. She is currently an 8th grade language arts teacher at a local Middle School. She has been a member of the Brook Hills faith family for almost two years. Last year she began to pray about going Mid-Term and using her skills in language arts in a Spanish speaking area. After talking to her small group community, her leader put her in touch with the Director of Mid-Term at Brook Hills who pointed her in the direction of an opportunity in Ecuador. Amanda will leave in June and be serving at a local school at the Davis Foundation in Ecuador. There she will be supporting the full-time teachers at the school by teaching English to their classes. Amanda will also have the opportunity to build relationships and engage both students and teachers with the gospel. Amanda praises God for this opportunity and is excited to be spending her summer serving in this way.

Ways to Pray

- Pray for a smooth transition into the culture and school. Pray for God to allow Amanda to be totally immersed in language and be able to communicate easily.

- Pray for the Davis Foundation where Amanda will be serving. Pray for the students who are not Christ followers to believe and trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

- Pray that for Amanda to develop relationships and show that Jesus is the Lord of her life in all her interactions with her students.

Aaron & Erin D.- Aaron grew up in Arab, Alabama and Erin in West Palm Beach, Florida. Together they have been members at The Church at Brook Hills since 2011. Erin is a nanny and Aaron is an attorney in Birmingham. It has been a goal for them both for the past several years to serve Mid-Term. As a couple they have the desire to share the gospel with those who have not had the chance to hear about Christ. So together they will leave in July to go and serve in East Asia for one year. There they will be primarily teaching at a local university and engaging students on local campuses.

Ways to Pray:

- Pray for God to provide opportunities to build relationships and effectively share the gospel.

- Pray for perseverance and grace while learning a new language.

- Pray for God to use Aaron and Erin to encourage local believers on their campus.




Joanna R. - Joanna is a Samford University student from East Tennessee who will graduate this semester. She has been a faithful member at The Church at Brook Hills for two years and will leave this June to serve in South Korea. Joanna started thinking about going Mid-Term this past year and learned about an opportunity to serve refugees in South Korea. Joanna has been studying Korean as a second language and decided this would be a perfect fit for her. God has orchestrated a unique opportunity for her to serve among North Koreans who have fled to South Korea. Joanna will be teaching English and sharing the gospel with those she is spending time with. She desires to cultivate deep relationships and have significant time practicing her language skills and learning all she can from Korean Christians she will be serving alongside.

Ways to Pray

- Pray for Joanna to trust God’s power rather than her own strength.

- Pray for God to make Joanna flexible in the new culture and for a spirit of humility as she learns from other believers.

- Pray that Jesus will reveal Himself to those Joanna is serving among.



Herbie & Ashley N. (Caleb, Emily, and Adelynn)- Herbie and Ashley N. live in Hoover, Alabama with their three children Caleb, Adelynn, and Emily. They have been active members of the faith family at The Church of Brook Hills since 2009. Herbie serves as the Director of Lifeline Children’s Services and Ashley serves as a teacher and disciple-maker of their three children. Herbie and Ashley started thinking about serving Mid-Term with their family a few years ago. After Herbie was offered a sabbatical by the board for his tenure at Lifeline, he and Ashley decided they would use this time with their family in another context proclaiming the glory and majesty of God and his gospel. Their family will be serving orphans in East Asia, training them with gospel centered life skills, teaching believers, and birthing a new foster home in a community. While the process of going has not been without its challenges, Herbie and Ashley desire to see God’s glory known to the ends of the world, especially among the fatherless and least of these.

Ways to Pray

- Pray for God to make Herbie and Ashley’s family effective in the mission and open doors to display the gospel to those who have never heard.

-Pray for the orphan camp they will lead in June. Pray for the logistics and details of the camp will come into focus and be executed in a way that impacts kids with the gospel.

- Pray for Caleb, Adelynn, and Emily to be completely impacted for taking the gospel to the nations.