New Groups & Multiplication

January is a great time to begin thinking about starting new groups in August. People are back after the summer break, and many of them are looking for groups at that time. As the process requires months of prayer, discernment, and coordination, the earlier we start, the better prepared we will be.

One challenge we face is to balance two critical components of small groups: welcoming new people and effectively making disciples. Disciple-making can suffer as groups become large. Let's look at both of those seemingly contrasting goals.

A good disciple-making environment allows people to process what God is doing in their lives verbally. That’s just not feasible in large groups. 

Many leaders fear that the presence of new people in the group will hinder their disciple-making effectiveness because it can cause some group members to be less intimate and transparent. We forget that welcoming people helps group members learn to be outwardly oriented. That is also a critical disciple-making step and the step that is most underdeveloped in Christ-followers today.

If you happen to be on a multiplication track, here are a few initial things to think through and do in the immediate future.

1. Talk with some leaders in your group and cast the vision and reasons.

2. Plan to let others lead group meetings once a month.

3. When possible, cast the vision to your group.

4. Encourage everyone to pray for the process.

 If we can help with the process, let us know. We also have a few podcasts where we interviewed people who’ve done it and offered tips.