This post was written by Bethany Webb. Bethany is a junior Communication Studies major at Samford University. She desires to work in youth girls ministry to help young girls be grounded in the Word.

God was doing some amazing things in Savannah, Georgia. Over five hundred presentations of the gospel. Eighteen salvations. Countless youth surrendering to the call to missions. And they were all praising my co-workers and me for the awesome job we had done.

This past summer, I worked on the summer staff for a youth missions organization called World Changers that brought together youth groups from around the country and taught them how to do construction and how to share their faith. We worked in different cities in Georgia, Savannah being our largest and most successful project.

The youth workers and youth constantly praised our team for the organization and effectiveness of the project. My teammates and I loved the admiration we were getting from all the participants. It was then that God taught me a little something about glory.

God allows Christians to share in His glory, just like chefs allow waiters and waitresses to share in the process of feeding people. If you have ever eaten a really delicious meal at a restaurant, you may have praised the food to the waitress attending you. The waitress didn’t make that food though; she might have not even stepped in the kitchen. A waitress knows her place by responding to such praises, “All compliments to the chef.”

Christians have the similar joy of serving God’s blessings to those in need. We have the awesome opportunity of being His hands and feet, and often times that will induce praise. Just like the waitress knows her place, so Christians should remember that we had nothing to do with creating these blessings. We are just the servers; “All compliments go to the Creator.”

Let us therefore live our daily lives thankful that we get to share in the glory of God. Instead of basking in people’s praise of our “goodness,” let us humbly give the “chef” the glory.

“The glory that you have given to me I have given to them…so that they world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me” (Jesus in John 17:22-23).