Today's post was written by Rachel Newman who is working on her Masters of Education at UAB, is part of our Local Missions staff at Brook Hills, and helps keep Starbucks in business.

One night I found myself sitting on some front porch steps and watching little kids catch fireflies. A mom of some of those kids sat down next to me, and we casually started talking. Sure, we had a lot in common - books, music, theology, coffee. However, what struck me most about this woman was the way she continually pointed to Christ. Even in casual conversation, she continually and gently wove in truths of the gospel. Isn’t that what we always learn about? Talking about the gospel is an overflow of your heart.

We meet up for breakfast or coffee or a quick (or not-so-quick) lunch. As a graduate student, my time is flexible. I can easily pick and choose my schedule each day. As a wife and a mom, her time is her family’s. It is a sacrifice for her to meet with me. She never mentions it, but I never forget.

She simply invites me to be part of her life. She asks me to hang out with her kids during the day, run errands, go swimming, thrifting, etc. Along the way, we talk about all sorts of things. She never misses an opportunity to invest in me, remind me of truth, and encourage me. In quieter moments around the house, we dig in a little deeper. We share about what we are studying in the word, struggling with, and praising over.

If asked why she invests in younger women, she responds quickly with “obedience." We are called to make disciples of all nations. We repeat this truth every week as a faith family, and Titus 2:4 goes on to exhort older women to teach younger women about how to live in faith.

Over our friendship, God has used Amy to teach me about His sovereignty in all circumstances. She uses real life situations to demonstrate how to walk in faith and trust. She’s lived out a life of studying the word and prayer. She continually encourages me to do the same. God uses His people as a means of making disciples. I praise God for the sanctifying work He has done in Amy’s life, and I am so grateful for her obedience to walk with me as I journey to know God.