Today's post was written by Karen Beard who coordinates the Special Needs Ministry here at Brook Hills. She is married to Jimmy and is the mother of Kaylie, Alyssa, and Maggie.

Do you remember the last time you played Follow the Leader? It may have been in grade school or even just this morning with your child. Follow the Leader is the simplest way I found to help my children understand the gospel. Following Christ is not a game in any way, but it does follow the same basic principle. Let me show you how it relates.

First, there must be a leader. When Jesus called His disciples, He didn’t say “Hey, guys, let’s give up everything and go tell people some things they won’t believe.” He said, “Follow me” (Matt. 4:19). Jesus took the lead. The disciples acknowledged His ability to lead by following. For us, following the leader begins with choosing to acknowledge Christ as our Savior and Lord and allowing Him to lead. In Matthew 16:24, Jesus tells His disciples that those who wish to be saved must “take up their cross and follow me.”

Second, the leader has to be actually doing something or going somewhere. Follow the Leader is nothing but standing in line unless the leader moves. Jesus and the disciples moved around a good bit. The disciples could physically see Jesus and follow Him from place to place. We cannot physically see Jesus, but we can still know where He is leading. In John 10, Jesus uses the story about the shepherd’s sheep following only their shepherd because they know their shepherd. They know their shepherd because they have spent time with him. By spending time in God’s Word and in prayer, we can know our Shepherd and know where He is leading us. Everyone will not travel the same path, but we will be following the same God. So be careful that you are following God on the path that He has laid for you and not for someone else.

Follow the Leader continues as long as the leader is leading. It gets tiresome. But if the Leader is leading, then it isn’t over. Multiple times we are told in God’s Word to persevere to the end. Jesus uses numerous parables and examples. He tells us that salt is only good as long as it is salty. Otherwise, it will be thrown out. The lamp is only good when it is lit. If it goes out, all is in darkness. Seeds that are sown in good soil take root and produce a crop. Other seeds don’t grow at all, wither, and die from lack of roots, or are choked out by weeds. The book of James is full of exhortation to persevere.

Persevere in following Christ. Follow the one and only Leader. Our treasure lies with Him in heaven.