Twice each year at The Church at Brook Hills we send out a group of individuals and families that are dedicating up to 2 years of their life to serve in another context around the world. Around Brook Hills, we call these folks Mid-Termers. Each group we send out is unique and diverse in their own right, but the common vein running through each person is the desire to share the gospel and make disciples in areas where the gospel has never been shared. Last Sunday we prayed for and sent out eleven Mid-Termers who have been preparing and training to go to East Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Ecuador, Botswana and Uganda. We are blessed at Brook Hills to be able to introduce you to these Mid-Termers in hopes that you will join us in praying for the individuals and families who will spend their lives for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.



Mallory P. grew up in Hayden, AL and has been attending The Church at Brook Hills for 2 years. She currently works as an auditor for financial institutions and recently graduated with her MBA from UAB last week. After serving for three summers in Guatemala with the same local church, God began to open her eyes to the global church and how she could participate in advancing the kingdom by going Mid-Term. After starting the process of praying and seeking out opportunities with our Global Team, Mallory will leave for Central Asia in January. She will be working in a community center for the poor. Mallory’s team will be leading English clubs, working with volunteer teams from the U.S. providing cultural exchange programs, and leading sports camps. Mallory says, “I am so excited for this opportunity to share my faith and serve the long-term members of our team”. Mallory will be in Central Asia for 5 months serving with her partner Lucinda, another Brook Hills Mid-Termer. Mallory and Lucinda both led a Brook Hills small group together and now will be serving together in Central Asia.

Mallory would describe her perfect Saturday as spending a day at the lake with her family.

Ways to Pray for Mallory:

- Pray for wisdom and discernment as Mallory shares her faith.

- Pray the hearts of the people Mallory comes into contact with will be open to the gospel.

- Pray that Mallory and her teammate Lucinda will be able to start a small group with young women and easily build relationships in the city.



Jeremy and Amanda H. have been married for a few years and will be moving as a couple to Southeast Asia at the end of February. Jeremy grew up in Ecuador where his parents were missionaries and Amanda hails from the great state of Tennessee. They have both been members at The Church at Brook Hills for almost 2 years and Jeremy has been serving on staff with the Hispanic Church during that time. They are extremely excited about serving in Southeast Asia teaching English to students at a local university. This will allow them the opportunity to engage unreached people groups with the gospel and build relationships with those they are teaching. They will be serving in Southeast Asia for at least 2 years and are praying about what it might look like to be there Long-Term. They are anticipating being able to see what God will do through their family as they are obedient to what He has called them to do.

A perfect Saturday for Jeremy and Amanda is to rest and spend time with their families.

Ways to Pray for Jeremy and Amanda:

- Pray for God to continue to provide the financial support that is required to be in Southeast Asia for 2 years.

- Pray for God to unify the team Jeremy and Amanda will be serving with and for success as they share the gospel with others.

- Pray for God’s grace as Jeremy and Amanda learn a new language and adjust to a new culture.