On May 6th, The Church at Brook Hills introduced, prayed for and sent out 35 members of our faith family to spend 2 months to 2 years of their life serving around the world. Shortly after May 6th we began to introduce you to these Mid-Termers on the blog and show you ways to pray for them as they prepare to leave. We want to continue this process of introduction with the last batch of these Mid-Termers and encourage you to commit to praying for these individuals and the others who represent our Mid-Termers this summer.



TYLER – East Asia

Tyler grew up in Guntersville, Alabama and is currently finishing his first year in pharmacy school at Samford University. He has been attending The Church at Brook Hills since the fall of 2010 and is actively involved in a college small group. Tyler began to think about going Mid-Term after serving with Campus Outreach this past summer. Through this process Tyler’s heart has grown towards the urgent needs to share the gospel among unreached people groups and what it really means to live for the sake of the lost. Over the past year Tyler has been praying about what it would look like to use pharmacy as a means to serve among unreached peoples. “Since I do not have any real binding obligations I wanted to spend this time exploring where I feel God may be leading me to serve”, says Tyler. This summer, Tyler will be working with a Long-Term missionary in East Asia, sharing the gospel with an unreached people group and helping strengthen the local church in their city. When asked if he fears anything about his time in East Asia, Tyler responded, “I am a little fearful of some type of opposition from the government but other than that I would say being made fun of by the children for not being able to play soccer is my greatest fear”. Tyler will leave on May 30th and serve for 9 weeks in East Asia.

A perfect Saturday for Tyler would be fishing on Guntersville Lake.

Ways to Pray for Tyler:

- Pray for God to work in the hearts of people Tyler will encounter. Pray for their eyes and hearts to be open to receive the gospel of Christ.

- Pray for God to give Tyler many opportunities to easily build relationships among their people group.

- Pray that through Tyler’s weaknesses Christ may display his grace.


SARA – Uganda

Sara Nolin is a graduating senior at Oak Mountain High School in Birmingham, Alabama. She and her family have been members at The Church at Brook Hills since 2000 where she is highly involved in the student ministry and her small group. Sara started thinking about going as a Mid-termer after she was trying to decide what she was going to do with her summer after graduation. She wanted whatever she did to be used for God’s glory. Sara began looking into opportunities and realized that she had always wanted to serve longer and have more time to invest in people than short-term trips she had previously been on. So this summer would be a great time to do that. Sara found an opportunity with an organization her family has been involved with before. She will be serving at Divine Care Ministries’ schools and orphanages. Her main role will be to help with ministry awareness and child sponsorship through photography and video. She will use her skills and experience in photography to help promote the ministry and their work among orphans. She has some fears but with the support of her family and faith that this is what God has given her an opportunity to do, Sara is excited about what lies ahead of her this summer. Sara will leave in June and serve for 2 months in Uganda.

A perfect Saturday for Sara would be spending time with her family, getting rest and seeing old friends.

Ways to Pray for Sara:

- Pray for Sara to humbly serve those she is working with.

- Pray for God to help Sara overcome any cultural barriers that might hinder her sharing the gospel and ministering to those around her.

- Pray for Sara to show the love of Christ in everything she says and does this summer.


WILL & KERI ANNE PARKER – Southern Europe

Will and Keri Anne have been married since July 2011 and currently live here in Birmingham, Al. Will works in Interior Design and Keri Anne serves as a Regional Admissions Recruiter for Auburn University. They have both been members at The Church at Brook Hills for almost two years now. Will and Keri Anne both began thinking about making disciples of all nations before either of them met each other and married. Through various trips and experiences with different people groups around the world, both Will and Keri Anne were individually encouraged to display the love of Christ to others so all could know of His glory. Through these experiences it has been a natural fit then that as a married couple they would both desire to have their family serve as Mid-Termers. “We want all to taste and see what we taste and see…we cannot sit by and wait as people are starved of the sweet name of Jesus”, says Keri Anne. Will and Keri Anne have an opportunity to serve in Southern Europe working among a Muslim people group that have migrated to Europe. With their background in leading small groups and hosting international university students in their home, they feel like they are prepared to engage an unreached people group in their home and disciple others in another context with the gospel. Will and Keri Anne will leave mid-summer and serve for 7 months in Southern Europe.

A perfect Saturday in Will and Keri Anne’s house would be waking up, having COFFEE, spending time with God, going on a walk, visiting a farmer’s market, cooking together, sitting on their porch with their dog and dreaming of all the places they’d like to go.

Ways to Pray for Will and Keri Anne:

- Pray that the Word would dwell in them fully and that they would hunger for God each day.

- Pray for God to give them effective and refining communication with their teammates and with each other.

- Pray that the glory of the Lord would be displayed in and through them and for many people to know Christ as a result of their time their.


MEGAN SCOTT - Zimbabwe

Megan lives in Birmingham, Al and works as a coffee barista at Starbucks and at a local garden shop. Megan will begin graduate school this fall in clinical nutrition at UAB. She has been attending The Church at Brook Hills since January 2011 and is involved in a small group and with the college ministry. Last spring, Megan decided to take some time off between college and graduate school and during that time she felt like it would be good to serve as a Mid-Termer somewhere. The opportunity to serve in Zimbabwe, came up last minute and by God’s grace Megan was able to get the details accomplished and funding to serve this summer. “I have a desire to be a Mid-Termer because I want to use what’s been given to me wisely and God has me in a position where nothing’s holding me back from going”, says Megan. While Megan is in Zimbabwe she will be serving with field partners at an orphanage. Her main role will be to spend time with orphans; helping them with their schoolwork, teaching bible stories and engaging them with the gospel. Megan’s experience serving in children’s ministry will be a great asset as she works with different ages from toddlers to teenagers. Megan will leave on June 3 and serve for 2 months in Zimbabwe.

A perfect Saturday for Megan would be reading and napping in her hammock at the lake with her friends in the 80 degree weather.

Ways to Pray for Megan:

- Pray for Megan to be content where she is and be able to engage those she is living among.

- Pray for good health during Megan’s time in Zimbabwe.

- Pray for Megan to display the love of Christ to those she serves this summer.