On May 6th, The Church at Brook Hills introduced, prayed for and sent out 35 members of our faith family to spend 2 months to 2 years of their life serving around the world. Last week we began to introduce you to these Mid-Termers and show you ways to pray for them as they prepare to leave. We want to continue this process of introduction and encourage you to commit to praying for these individuals this summer.


DANNY – South East Asia

Danny grew up in Flowery Branch, Georgia and just graduated from Samford University with a degree in Exercise Science. Danny started regularly attending The Church at Brook Hills and recently joined the faith family a few months ago. Through the faithful teaching of the Word and living in community with people living out the Word, Danny has found great encouragement from the faith family at Brook Hills. Danny began to think about going as a Mid-Termer shortly after he became a Christian 2 summers ago. This year an opportunity opened up to go to South East Asia and Danny began the process of going. Though it has been challenging at times trying to work out the details of everything, Danny is excited about getting there and feels like God used this time to strengthen his faith and prepare him for the time he will have in South East Asia. When asked why he is going, Danny responded by saying, “I see the extreme need around the world. So I want to be in the place where my gifts can be used to glorify God as much as possible”. Danny and his partner Micah will be working with a field partner to engage college students in the city they will be living in. Danny left yesterday, May 19th and will be serving for 6 weeks in South East Asia.

Danny enjoys sports of all kinds.

Ways to Pray for Danny:

- Pray for God to give Danny boldness to share the gospel with the students he will interact with.

- Pray for Danny to be humble as he engages a new culture and serves those on he comes in contact with.

- Pray for Danny to trust in God and in His timing.



LESLIE – The Middle East

Leslie grew up in Atlanta, Georgia but has lived in Birmingham since graduating from college in 2009. Leslie currently serves as a nurse at a local hospital. Leslie loves being part of The Church at Brook Hills and has grown through the teaching of the Word and praises God for how he has used her faith family in her life. Leslie began thinking about going as a Mid-Termer when Brook Hills began introducing the church planting teams. “God began working in my heart through His Word and giving me a desire to spend more than just a week or two every year sharing the gospel in a different context”, says Leslie. This process of going has been exciting and humbling as God has proven his faithfulness and strengthened Leslie’s dependency on Him. While in The Middle East, Leslie will be working with a field partner teaching English and doing basic health care and health education among a large unreached people group. When asked what her greatest fear in going is, Leslie said, “I fear not being effective with our short-time there and getting past the language barrier, but I know God is able”. Leslie will leave in September and serve for five months in The Middle East.

Leslie enjoys people, sports, games, going on walks with friends, being outside, travelling, Icees, reading, laughing and spontaneity.

Ways to Pray for Leslie:

- Pray for Leslie to approach this opportunity as a humble servant, eager to learn and willing to adapt to the culture in order to most effectively share the gospel.

- Pray for God to be greatly glorified through Leslie.

- Pray for God’s grace as Leslie learns a new language.


KELLY – New York City

Kelly Prater grew up in Appling, Ga. and is currently a student at Samford University studying art and psychology. She has been a member at The Church at Brook Hills for almost a year and a half and is highly involved in her small group. Kelly first heard about opportunities to serve as a Mid-Termer after going through IMPACT, Brook Hills’ membership class. After hearing about being a Mid-Termer, Kelly began to pray and seek out where she might serve this summer. “I have a desire to be a Mid-Termer because I want to glorify my King, and there are people who have never heard of His redeeming love”, says Kelly. She will have the opportunity to serve in New York City, working with a church plant doing hands-on research about unreached people groups living in New York City and reaching out engaging them with the gospel. “New York is a great place to make disciples of all nations because all nations have come there”, says Kelly. Kelly will leave the first week in June and serve for two months in New York City.

A perfect Saturday for Kelly would be white-water rafting, jetskiing and riding a roller coaster….all in one day.

Ways to Pray for Kelly:

- Pray for team unity for all the people Kelly will be working with.

- Pray for God to give Kelly boldness to share the gospel with those she engages each day.

- Pray for God to open the hearts and minds of unreached peoples in New York City.