Twice a year The Church at Brook Hills sends men and women from our faith family around the world to serve on a Mid-Term basis. This week we have the privilege of sending a new group of Mid-Termers out to different parts of the world. A Mid-Termer is defined as someone who is serving and sharing the gospel in a different culture and context for 2 months to 2 years. Each day this week we will introduce you to a few of these Mid-Termers and give you specific ways to pray for them while they are away.

CANDICE – South Asia

Candice grew up in Bowling Green, Kentucky until she moved to Birmingham two years ago to attend pharmacy school at Samford University. She started attending The Church at Brook Hills and after going through the membership process began to pray about going as a Mid-Termer. It was during this time that Candice became burdened with the knowledge that there are millions of people who have never heard the gospel. “I desire to go Mid-Term because there is an overwhelming need for workers to advance the gospel in regions such as South Asia”, says Candice. She will be joining a team of four other Mid-Termers to serve with a national partner who runs an orphanage and ministers to exploited women in the city. Candice and her team will be providing biblical training to new believers and discipling them as they grow in their faith. When asked about what she is most looking forward to Candice replied, “I look forward to sharing God’s word and love He has for His people. I long to see prayer and praise given to our Lord by the people of this region”. Candice will leave for South Asia the last week in May and serve there for 2 months.

Candice enjoys going to UK basketball games (go CATS!), playing volleyball, traveling and being active in my pharmacy school’s organizations.

Ways to Pray for Candice:

- Pray for God to guide every step and prepare the hearts of those Candice will encounter.

- Pray for the people Candice engages to be receptive to the gospel and to fully realize their eternal destiny depends on their response to Christ.

- Pray for Candice and her team to be constantly focused on God’s heart so they can be used effectively for the glory of God.



ANNA GRACE – South Asia

Anna Grace grew up in Arkadelphia, Arkansas but is currently residing in Birmingham, studying psychology at Samford University. Anna Grace has been at Brook Hills for over a year now and is highly involved in a small group. Through prayer, Anna Grace is being obedient to the desire to go as a Mid-Termer this summer. The process of going has been a challenging and exciting one for Candice. “I was hesitant to go at first and felt like I should spend my summer working or taking classes. But God has changed my heart and I feel eager to go on this trip”, says Candice. Being a college student means the summer is free to go and serve somewhere. Candice is taking the opportunity to use her time in South Asia this year. She will be joining Candice and 2 other girls. Their team will be working alongside a Brook Hills’ field partner to disciple women and children. Candice’s biggest fear is learning the language and communicating clearly in a different culture and context. Candice will be leaving at the end of May and serving for 2 months in South Asia.

A perfect Saturday for Candice would be going for a run in the morning, making chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast with friends, going on an adventure, trying new foods, taking fun pictures, making smores around a bonfire, and watching a really good movie.

Ways to Pray for Candice:

- Pray for boldness and confidence in sharing the gospel.

- Pray for wisdom to be culturally sensitive and aware when communicating in a different culture.

- Pray for God to give the Anna Grace and her team perseverance as they work to share the gospel.



MILCAH – South Asia

Milcah grew up in Ethiopia for eleven years then moved to Georgia until college. She just graduated from Samford University and will be spending her summer serving in South Asia. Milcah has been at The Church at Brook Hills since 2008 and has received encouragement from the teachings of staff and in her small group. Milcah started thinking about going as a Mid-Termer after her first Short-Term trip to Costa Rica her senior year of high school. Since that point she has been praying and seeking opportunities to go and serve for a longer period of time. “I have a desire to be a mid-termer because I love Jesus and I want to love and share with those who have never heard. Going Mid-Term gives me more time to build relationships with the people and gain their trust”, says Milcah. This summer Milcah will be joining Candice, Anna Grace and Kacey to strengthen the work already being accomplished by a Brook Hills’ field partner. They will have the opportunity to come alongside women and children to share the gospel and minister in difficult situations. Milcah will leave the last week in May and serve for two months with her teammates.

Milcah enjoys being with people, reading, photography, singing and sweet tea.

Ways to Pray for Milcah:

- Pray for God to show Milcah how to serve in humility.

- Pray for Milcah to love the people of South Asia and her team well.

- Pray for patience and perseverance as she shares the gospel.