Twice a year The Church at Brook Hills sends men and women from our faith family around the world to serve on a Mid-Term basis. This week we have the privilege of sending a new group of Mid-Termers out to different parts of the world. A Mid-Termer is defined as someone who is serving and sharing the gospel in a different culture and context for 2 months to 2 years. Each day this week we will introduce you to a few of these Mid-Termers and give you specific ways to pray for them while they are away.



HALEY - Zimbabwe

Haley Richter is a mature and poised 19-year-old native of Birmingham, Al. who currently teaches 4 yr. olds at a local playschool. Haley has been a member of The Church at Brook Hills since 2007 where she has been highly involved in her small group. She has always had a desire to work among and serve orphans in other countries. So after praying and finding an opportunity to serve in Zimbabwe, Africa for five months, Haley started the process of becoming a Mid-Termer at Brook Hills. Though she is not sure where she will end up long-term, she sees this opportunity as a step in the right direction for God to show her where He wants her to serve and to give her experience working with children who have been orphaned and to expose her to another country and culture. Haley will leave in August to begin engaging children and youth in Zimbabwe with the gospel. Zimbabwe is plagued with urgent physical and spiritual needs. The AIDS pandemic in Zimbabwe is one of the world’s worst cases with over 2,000 people dying each week and where there are around one million AIDS orphans left in the aftermath (Operation World). “Biblically the only true solution to this challenge is salvation in Christ…and I want to love in truth and deed with all my being to impact this worldwide problem by sharing the hope of the gospel and the truth of God's Word”, says Haley. She is excited and cannot wait to be in Zimbawe in August.

Haley enjoys photographs, the woods, talking about Africa, socks, rock climbing, talking with children, red foxes, reading books that are written for people much younger than her, and letting the barista at a coffee shop make her their favorite drink.

Ways to Pray for Haley:

- Pray for diligence to study the word and spend time in prayer.

- Pray for God to move in the hearts of people she is building relationships with.

- Pray for Haley to adjust and integrate into the culture quickly so she can build strong relationships with those she lives among.


WESLEY – Middle East

Wesley, a native of Columbus, Georgia, works as a nurse in the Neuro ICU at UAB in Birmingham, Al. She has been at The Church at Brook Hills for almost four years and is involved in a small group. For the last two years, Wesley has felt led to share the gospel among unreached people groups in North Africa and the Middle East. After praying and searching for opportunities to serve, the Lord led her to West Africa last summer for two months to serve as a nurse in a health clinic. “It was so good to be able to practice nursing on a trip like this” said, Wesley. After this trip she began looking at serving for a longer period of time. Immediately, Wesley was drawn to an opportunity in the Middle East engaging a large unreached people group through medical clinics. But this time she will be going for longer. While she is excited, this decision has required Wesley to sacrifice her job and her home so that she could be freed up to go. But Wesley believes this is the right step as she prays about being in the Middle East on a long-term basis. Wesley says, “I have made plans in the past and am nowhere near where I thought I would be. But by His grace, He has given me purpose and the means to fulfill it. I am not sure if the Lord has called me to move my life indefinitely, but I am confident that He has given me the means to get up and leave my life here and proclaim His name to the lost now…and now is really my only concern”. Wesley will leave in September and will serve for nine months.

Wesley enjoys running, reading, competitive games and coffee.

Ways to Pray for Wesley:

- Pray for God to focus Wesley’s heart on Him and what He has planned for her.

- Pray for Wesley to be an encouragement to the missionaries she will be working with and for their team to be unified.

- Pray for God to soften the hearts of those Wesley will engage with the gospel.

- Pray for God’s grace as Wesley learns language.


KELLY – Central Asia

Kelly grew up in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and is about to graduate from Samford University with a Marketing and Entrepreneurship degree. She has been at Brook Hills since her freshmen year of college and has grown through the biblical teaching and community she receives there. Kelly began to consider going as a Mid-Termer last year after the Lord began to move in her life and show her opportunities where she could serve after graduation. This process has been both exciting and a challenge as she has seen the Lord provide and give clear direction for where she is supposed to go. All in all though Kelly is being obedient because the Lord has been faithful to reveal the gospel to her and she wants to tell others about Him. Kelly will leave in August to serve in Central Asia for almost five months. She will be living on a college campus learning language and culture while investing in college students. She will also have the opportunity to serve at a local orphanage teaching English and sharing Christ. When asked about what she is most excited about, Kelly says, “I have seen the value of living life in biblical community and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to invest in others as I’ve been invested in. “While I am nervous about what is to come, I am so expectant of the good that will come from God making Himself known”.

Kelly enjoys dancing, eating, hanging out with friends, eating anything Italian, long talks, and Disney World.

Ways to Pray for Kelly:

- Pray for her language learning so the gospel can be most effectively shared.

- Pray for the hearts of college students Kelly will interact with. Pray for God to provide opportunities to develop meaningful relationships.

- Pray for God to open the hearts of the children at the orphanage to truly understand the gospel.

- Pray for Kelly to trust in God’s sovereignty.


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