I began serving in the Preschool Ministry 4 years ago. I had just graduated from college and received an e-mail saying there was a need for volunteers on Wednesday nights. I responded mainly because the Lord was teaching me (and is continuing to teach me) about walking in
daily obedience and to not just sit around waiting for some big sign to do what I am called to do. In my life, He was teaching me the importance of serving the local church. As a single woman, the Lord has given me an opportunity, both a privilege and responsibility, to serve the families in our faith family by coming alongside parents as they disciple their children.

I am thankful that I still get to teach that same group of precious children on Wednesday nights. They were 3-years-old when I started teaching them – and now they just finished 1st grade. What a blessing to watch them grow up, but most importantly to watch as the Lord draws them to Himself. The following year I began teaching another class of preschoolers on Sunday mornings and have had the opportunity to move up with them each year as well-that class is now entering kindergarten.

It’s hard to put into words all the ways the Lord has taught me and blessed me through working in the Preschool Ministry. It is truly a joy to see His Word begin to take root in the hearts of children at such an early age. As we seek to teach the children about God’s character and about the truths of the gospel, He teaches and reminds us as well. To hear preschoolers memorizing scripture and to start to connect the stories of the Bible into the overall story of Christ is so encouraging. While there are certainly some weeks that are more challenging than others, I am so thankful for the time the Lord has allowed me to serve in Preschool. It has been a great blessing, responsibility, and joy!



Rachel Frost has been an active member of The Church at Brook Hills since 2009. The Preschool Ministry is currently in need of workers for the next year. If you’re interested in making disciples among preschoolers please contact Diona at .