Leadership: What We Model is Critical

People learn best by watching and doing. Luke 6:40 talks about discipleship when it says, "...everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher." We can't overlook the importance of visual learning. Here are some examples: How do we learn how to parent? We often revert to the methods we observed in our parents. How do we learn to play a particular sport? We learn the moves by watching people who have achieved excellence.

There is one main problem in disciple-making or in raising up new group leaders - none of us who are setting the example are perfect. Christ was the perfect example, but He's not what people observe in the flesh. 

Future leaders catch glimpses of Christ from their time in the Word, but the visual example is us! Therefore, we must be diligent to be an example to those we are discipling in our groups. Are we continuing to grow? Are we accepting new challenges in our walk with Christ?

Does complacency ever creep in? We fight it by staying in the Word and committing to live every part of it throughout our life. We fight it by finding someone more mature and asking them for help. We fight it by pushing into uncomfortable areas, like fasting, evangelism, and mentoring.

The best motivation is often to realize that someone is behind us. Someone is watching us and learning what it means to walk with Christ. Someday they may very well model for others what we have modeled for them. The best gift we can give those who come behind us is the most Christ-like example possible. So, remember, "...everyone fully trained will be like his teacher."