From our team in India working with children.

By Mallory Tyler

"Jai Masikhi!" (Praise God!) This is how believers greet each other or say goodbye in India!
We are finished with our first full day and I am already amazed at the work the Lord is doing in India. We got to go to various house churches this morning in groups of 4. Ours was very small and very hot, but had lots of children, which was so encouraging. The whole service was in Hindi, so we had a translator so that we could understand. We got to meet and talk with all of the believers afterward, which was awesome. The children are so beautiful and so so sweet! I tried out my new Hindi phrases I've learned, only to be met by laughter at my failed attempts. Guess the southern accent doesn't translate well.

The most amazing thing that I've seen today is how our cultures can be so different, but we serve and love the same One true God. He reveals Himself so differently to us in our respective cultures according to what He knows we need. For example, a woman today shared with us that she came to know Christ by being healed of a 12-year sickness. God is still the God of healing, and can bring people to Himself through that power. It's amazing to see how different our stories of salvation are, but the bottom line is that we have all been brought to the same saving knowledge of Christ--that we can do nothing to save ourselves, it is only by His grace that we are saved--no matter what country we live in. Whether we're 10 miles apart or 3000, God is the same God to us. He is unchanging and ever faithful. Jai Masikhi, Praise Him!!

Pray for us tomorrow. We start our VBS in the morning, so pray for me and the other 11 teachers as we teach about God's call. Pray for our rec leaders, Ashley and Daniel, as they bring the Gospel (and that they won't die from heat stroke in that room. SO SO HOT!) Pray that God will speak through us and that the children will only hear His words. Pray we will show His love to them, that they will know they are loved and they are not forgotten by the One True God! Pray I will see and love people as God sees and loves them. Thank you so much for your prayers! More to come later.

Our team arriving in India: