43 Reasons To Read Our New Blog

Introducing a New Blog for Small Group Leaders
By Jay Gordon

My new ministry assistant, Aubrey Johnston, has some experience with blogs. Last week she told me that people read posts more often when you tell them how many tips you are going to give them. I had found that true with me, maybe because I always assume that you can get a good overview by just reading the numbered item, and read the paragraph text if the point looks interesting. 

Therefore, if numbers are good, I decided to give you a good number--43. Don’t worry, I won't give you that many reasons, but I thought the title would get your attention hoping I wouldn’t actually give you 43 reasons, so here are just three reasons why you should stay connected to our new blog!

1.  Equipping you to build community and make disciples through Small Groups is my passion. Having a blog helps me do that outside the scope of the e-News, and helps to make the e-News much shorter and more readable.

2. Equipping you when you actually need it is...  priceless. I've heard that described as "just in time" training. For instance, if I write something about how to deal with children in your group and your group is only young married couples, you likely aren't that interested. But give it two years and everyone in your group has a child and more are on the way, you are suddenly VERY interested in reading a blog post about children in groups. With a blog, you can go back and search for anything written about children.

3. A blog will help us learn from one another. We are blessed to have hundreds of Small Groups here at Brook Hills. Having a common place for information helps us learn from what's going on in other groups. We can glean great ideas and also see some mistakes and unintended consequences. I have described it before as a "small group laboratory." We learn a lot because we get to see a lot.
By the way, you can help me glean this information by completing your snapshot! 

I know I promised 43 reasons, but for today, three seems sufficient. Continue to stay updated by checking out the blog weekly!

Thanks for reading and we hope to catch you again soon! 

Jay Gordon has been the Adult Small Groups Minister at Brook Hills for over 3 years and loves serving the faith family in this capacity. He has been married to his wife, Liz, since 1985. He grew up in Northwest Alabama and later graduated from Jacksonville State University and Southwestern Seminary.  Most of his ministry has been in Shelby County, spending 17 years at Westwood Baptist Church in Alabaster.