Throughout the rest of March, we will be posting daily on Chinese Muslims, our prayer highlight at the next Secret Church gathering on March 29th. Join us as we learn more about who these people are and begin to pray for God to make His name known among this people group.


Growing up in a Hui family can be challenging at times… especially for an inquisitive, adventurous girl like me. I’m sure my parents were forever tired of hearing me ask why? Why could I not go to my non-Muslim friend’s house for dinner? Why did my mom have to wear a head covering when she left the house? Why did we have to pray so many times a day when we always said the same thing? Why did we have to listen to the Ahong (Imam) on Fridays when we couldn’t understand what he was saying?

As I grew older, my uncertainty only grew more intense. I had so many friends who believed in so many different things — how could I know which one was really true? Somewhere along the way I decided that I couldn’t know and I began to pay my dues to all of them just to make sure I had my basis covered.

During graduate school I met a friend who told me about her God. She said He loved me and wanted to have a relationship with me. Though we talked about a lot of things, all I really heard was that there really was a God — one God — and He was much different from what I thought I knew.

Over the next few years, things that my friend had told me about God would come to my mind at the most random times… but I wasn’t sure what to do about it.

Several months later my friend came to visit me and we spent the whole time talking about God and His story. This time I understood that I was a sinner — everyone was, and there was no way to escape it, no way to be good enough. I had always thought that the more good things I did, the more my bad things would be cancelled out, but for the first time I realized it couldn’t be so.

The next time my friend visited, all I heard was Jesus — He was God’s Way to Himself. It wasn’t what I could do but what He had already done for me. It was Him. He was the answer I had been looking for.

My friend asked me if I was ready to believe in Him but I told her that I was not. I knew that my mouth was willing to say the words, but my heart was still holding back. For three days after my friend left, the truth kept pounding in my mind and I couldn’t forget it.

I sent my friend a text message and simply said this:

I believe now!

Thank you!


  • Pray that this young lady will daily grow in wisdom and understanding in Christ and that she will boldly proclaim the truth to her family. Pray that her family will see the change Jesus has made in her life and hear the words of truth and also turn and follow Him.

  • Pray that followers of Jesus will intentionally talk about Jesus with their Chinese Muslim friends every opportunity they have, knowing that the Holy Spirit is using these opportunities to draw Hui to understand and follow Him.


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