She was a first-time visitor to our class sitting beside me in the “big room” upstairs on the third floor. We were listening to Pastor John speak when suddenly I felt her nudge my side. I turned my head, and with wide eyes she leaned over and whispered, “He died for me?” My heart stopped for a moment and I said, “Yes. For you, your family, for everyone in this room and everyone that He created. He died so we could be forgiven of our sins and rose again so we could live forever with Him.” She was in second grade, living in this country, in this state, more than likely in this zip code, and she had never heard the gospel.
Our family joined Brook Hills almost three years ago. Matt and I immediately began praying about how we could get plugged in. Initially, we had extremely different ideas about what that looked like. 

Matt thought we should serve with the college ministry. Both of us had enormous spiritual growth while in college, so I could totally see where he was coming from. 

I felt we should serve where our kids were. Our youngest was loving the preschool ministry, which she calls her “baby class.” And our other two were attending their respective small groups on Sunday morning. So, when we found out faith trainers were needed at IGNITE! in the Children’s Ministry on Wednesdays, I jumped on board and, in the spirit of transparency, pulled Matt reluctantly behind me. But, as God’s ways are higher, Matt thrived with the kids, and this ministry quickly became his passion. 

Wednesday night easily became our family’s favorite night of the week. We worshipped together and heard great truths, which led to some awesome conversations with our kids. It is such a gift for us to know what they’re learning, and then to discuss it in greater depth together.

The Children’s Ministry at Brook Hills is wonderful. It is an honor and privilege to serve with Pastor John and Miss Phyliss. Working with children for the glory of Christ is, without a doubt, their jam! You know with certainty that every time a kid steps in the room they’ll be presented with the gospel, shown radical Jesus, and hear heart-changing truths. 

Serving with my husband has been such a joy, and I treasure that time with him. We co-teach the second-grade class with another amazing couple that we have come to know and love like family. Our kids are led and taught by other faith trainers who know the Lord and follow hard after Him. We see the Lord answer prayers and show His faithfulness every week in this ministry – He is surely in this place!
Being a faith trainer in Children’s Ministry often causes me to leave feeling like I learned more than I taught. “Let the little children come to me,” has been shown to us in a whole new way. It’s amazing to see the look on a child’s face when he or she finally “gets” the gospel. There’s something about seeing them hear it for the first time that will leave you touched forever.


Abby Euten and her husband, Matt, are the parents of Ella, Cale, and Evie. They have been members of Brook Hills since 2014.

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*Story originally written and published on April 4, 2017.