I realize the title of this post may be confusing..."Wasn't Mother's Day a few months ago"? Yes, that is correct. But a few weeks ago I had an exciting email waiting in my inbox that demands this title. It was from a pastor in India. This particular pastor hosts one of Brook Hills' Compassion Child Survival Programs (CSP) at his church. He oversees the Child Survival Program and is actively helping to release mothers and children in his community from poverty in Jesus' name.

The Church at Brook Hills has the privilege of sponsoring eleven Child Survival Programs (CSP) in India and one in Ethiopia. Through early intervention with women who are pregnant and mothers of infants, Compassion is helping to save the lives of mothers and babies who are living in poverty. This is all done through the local church with the end goal of people hearing the gospel, disciples being made, and people finding hope in the face of poverty.

Apparently the mothers at this particular CSP had a big celebration at the church and received a gift to celebrate the day. These mothers are incredible women. They face many challenges living in poverty and trying to care for their children. Most of them do not know Christ, but weekly are being exposed to the gospel in word and deed by the believers of that local church. We have the opportunity to pray for their salvation and for God to glorify Himself in the lives of the mothers attending the program.

So I wanted to share the picture I received from our partners and to say "Thank You" on their behalf to the members of The Church at Brook Hills. As we give and work towards God's name being glorified in this small remote community in northern India, let us be mindful of the work God is accomplishing and give Him all glory and praise for it.

Happy Mother's Day from India!