Have you ever experienced the peace that comes with knowing that you are doing God’s will? I am moving to East Asia this summer, and I am fearless. I am fearlessly moving to an area that many would say features a combination of the world’s most dangerous form of government and the world’s most dangerous form of religion, and it is not because I am brave. God is with me, providing that Philippians 4 peace that is so good it does not make sense. Usually people talk about their mission trip after they return, but this is a unique opportunity to write some words about my experience leading up to departure.

I have been waiting for a trip like this for a long time. I guess I could say, “It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known” (Romans 15:20a). The church’s global mission has been on my heart since seventh grade. I have particularly been anticipating a return to this area of the world since I spent the week of Christmas there in 2014. I returned from that short-term trip in tears after meeting people with no knowledge of the gospel for the first time in my life. I learned that it is different when “the unreached” are named “Anne,” “Bowen,” “William,” and so on.

Though I wanted to return to East Asia, I did not see how I could actually make it happen. I thought, “A mid-term trip would be too expensive. Even if I could afford the trip, I should be working to save money for graduate school. Even if money was not a factor, my boss isn’t going to let me take three months off. Even if he lets me go, I only know English.” What I have realized is that I could not “make it happen.” But God did. He provided all of the money and the time off

of work. He is sending me to an area near a college campus where many students will be able to speak English. My visa application was initially rejected, but God worked it out. I needed to find a partner to work with. God provided one. I am reminded again that the Great Commission does not end with “good luck” but with “I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Perhaps you have recently said, “I would go on a mission trip but...” I ask you to consider sending an “I’m interested” email to someone on the Brook Hills Global Disciple-Making Team. I am not proposing that God always gives you money when you ask for it. However, I certainly am proposing that you should never underestimate the number of details God is willing to take care of if you are just willing to get on the plane. You are only a few answered prayers away from taking the best news in the world to those who have never heard it before, and God answers prayers.

Speaking of prayers, this is too good of an opportunity to pass up. I have to ask. Will you pray for the mid-term missionaries this summer? Here are three ways you can pray for me: 1) Pray for God to grant that supernatural, Philippians 4 peace to my friends and family while I am away (by “friends and family,” I mean my girlfriend and my mom). 2) Pray that I’ll be happy in God (I’m praying Psalm 86:11). 3) I am working with a people group of 15 million. Less than 1% of them have even heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ask God to save all of them.

Nathan is one of the 24 Mid-Termers that our Faith Family is sending out this summer, to 9 different countries to serve 2 months – 2 years to make disciples. Let us pray for these men and women as they engage the nations with the gospel. Visit brookhills.org/missionaries for detailed prayer requests for each of our Mid-Termers.