During this past summer, Max and Tyler served together as Brook Hills Mid-Termers to India. What follows are some of Max's reflections on their experience.

After a month of living in India we were able to engage an unreached village of Muslims with Amit, the pastor we were working with. This village had never been visited with the gospel so we were excited to go there. We started walking and as we walked we prayed asking God to give us the words to say. Words that were seasoned with salt and for wisdom as we graciously approached the people. When we got to the village we noticed a hut with about 5 people gathered in it. So we went to them and began to speak and hand out materials. They told us that the whole village was going to gather for prayer and they invited us to join them. A little boy led the entire village, about 35 to 45 people, in the Muslim call to prayer. Tyler, Amit and I silently gathered and asked God to lift the veil from their eyes. When they had finished their prayer, they invited us in so they could talk with us and us with them. Amit looked at me and said, “You are going to share brother Maxwell”.

For the next thirty minutes I shared the Gospel. The time was amazing. The people were very attentive and interested. After I finished they wanted to take a picture together. So I went to get my camera.

At this point it was pitch black outside and I couldn’t see a thing. As I was gathering my camera, 5 men walked up to me and started to shake my hand. They began asking me questions in Hindi. I knew enough to know they wanted to see the materials we had given to all the villagers.

So I gave them what I had. Next thing I knew the kids I had already given books and material to were coming up to me asking for more. I saw that the men were taking all the material from the villagers. So I went back in and told Amit to communicate that they should keep and read the materials. As Tyler and I sat there the men started to argue with Amit and looked upset. The pastor then came up to me and said they want to beat you for what you have shared and for handing out copies of the New Testament. So when he told me this I said, “Well…..LET’S GO. So we got our things and left.

It was very interesting to see Gods sovereignty, because he allowed us to come and to share of his saving grace and of his son Jesus Christ and right as we finished, the Imams of the local mosque came and wanted to beat us. God proved that he is watching over us and has a divine purpose for us.

We pray for the people we shared the gospel with that day. That the seeds of the gospel we were able to plant would take root in their hearts and using Pastor Amit and others, God would call them to himself so the people we met may know eternal life and share with others in their family and community.


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