It must run in the family.

My granddad used to be the guy who showed up early on Sunday to turn on all the lights. I remember helping my dad set up lights for church dramas, musicals, and even a live nativity scene. In high school, I began leading worship for my youth group which also involved setting up equipment and running a sound board. I had zero experience running a sound board, but no one else did either. So we learned as we went along, and I found that I really enjoyed this technical stuff.

After moving to Birmingham for college, I started attending Brook Hills. I knew that I wanted to be involved in some way beyond the normal Sunday morning worship and a small group. I wanted to be of service to the church. The first place I found to volunteer was running worship powerpoint for Saturday night services. The Saturday night services only lasted for a little while, but I saw that the technical ministry was always going to need volunteers, and I really enjoyed working in this area.

Outside of the church, I had opportunities to grow my technical skills as well. I spent my college summers on staff with Student Life, a camp and conference ministry for youth and kids. I started as a production assistant and worked up to being a video director. So a few years later, when the church began doing live video each Sunday, it only made sense to continue to use those skills as a volunteer. I started out running a camera. Easy enough, especially with a pastor who sits in a chair. Aim, Focus, and you’re live. Eventually, I moved up in responsibility to directing cameras. I’m not a professional by any means. There are many times when “turn it off and turn it back on” is my only solution to a technical problem. However, on the good days, everything goes smoothly as we help facilitate worship and no one even notices we are there.

One aspect of working in this ministry that I really enjoy is the opportunity to meet different people from the church. There are so many who volunteer in this ministry that I wouldn’t otherwise get to meet. And not just the volunteers, but I’ve gotten to know the church staff better as well. Not everyone sees or knows about all the work and preparation that goes into a Sunday morning Worship Gathering.

Only a few get to gather behind stage and pray before the first service begins. It’s a special privilege to participate in that when I serve once a month. It is a privilege to be a part of this ministry.



David Goetz has been a member of our faith family since 2004. He works as a Media Buyer at Luckie and Company, here in Birmingham. David serves with the live video production ministry and also leads a men’s small group. In his spare time, he trains for triathalons and enjoys watching movies. For more information as to how you can use your unique giftings to serve the faith family, visit