Heather graciously agreed to take a few minutes aside from “mommying” to jot down a few reflections on this journey from her perspective. It is nothing short of amazing to watch the way Mara Ruth relates to her. She is attaching to Heather well, reaching for her, clinging to her, playing with her, and looking to her for her needs to be met. To see Heather love on Mara Ruth while still giving attention to Caleb and Joshua is nothing short of beautiful, and I praise God for the mother she is to our kids. OK, enough gloating about my wife…here’s Heather in her words:


My idea of “family” used to be small. From the very beginning, I knew that I wanted to have kids. As you’ve heard from David, we tried and longed to have children for many years, yet month after month, year after year, the Lord was not providing the desire of our hearts (at least the way we wanted). I knew that God was sovereign and in control, but still, I could not understand why He was choosing to withhold the blessing of children. We had tossed around the idea of adoption, but to be honest, I was frustrated and angry. Why did it seem so easy for everyone else to have babies, but so difficult for us? But slowly, the Lord began to change my heart and help me realize that what He desired for David and me was much better than I could have asked for or imagined. I began to realize that adoption was a calling that the Lord had placed on our lives…a true gift from Him. And oh, what a gift!

These last few days with Mara Ruth have been exciting, scary, incredible, gross (when she threw up all over me yesterday, and had quite the upset stomach today), tiring, and altogether wonderful! I know I might be a biased mom, but she is one cute kid! She seems to be feeling a little better today, and we are starting to see some of her personality shine through. She reminds me so much of Caleb when we first met him. Timid and shy, yet taking it all in and thinking deeply about what is going on around her. At times she seems playful, but at this point, she mostly wants to be held and snuggled close. That’s OK by me, because I have lots of hugs and kisses to give. I have been saving them especially for her for 3 years! The boys have been amazing, and they are giddy with excitement for their new little sister. I am not sure what we would do without Gramma who has taken the lead in caring for Caleb and Joshua while we tend to Mara Ruth.

So here I am, sitting in China, thankful for a family that only the Lord could weave together. Caleb, my sweet sensitive child, has a heart of gold and is constantly seeking out ways to give generously to those around him. Joshua, our little “surprise,” keeps us rolling with laughter and amazement with his animated discussions and vivid imagination. And now Mara Ruth, as we wait to see her personality blossom and develop as she softens the “blue” in our family with a little “pink.” My mommy heart is full with thanksgiving to our good and gracious Father for doing far more than I could have planned. It’s not the way I would have imagined. To be honest, the journey has been full of tears, sadness, disappointment, and difficult days, and I am certain there will be more difficult days in the future as we transition to bring this little girl home, but I trust that the Lord will meet all our needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus!

Thank you for praying. We love and miss our family, friends, and faith family back home! As we approach Thanksgiving, I truly have more to be thankful for than I ever could have dreamed.