Today is March 1st. Before I started working on staff at The Church at Brook Hills, this date was just another marker for the beginning of a new month. I might give March 1st a nod to the changing season and get excited about it not being dark outside when I left work. But never did it bring about such anticipation as it does now. You see today marks the 4 week countdown to the next Secret Church event on March 29th. As a staff member this means that the calendar and "to do" lists are consumed with final preparations, and admittedly, anxiety to accomplish everything for this night where thousands will gather on our campus and even more (50k +) will simulcast in from around the world for 6 hours of biblical teaching and focused prayer time for the persecuted church. As a Global team member, I have the privilege of helping create the Prayer Highlight for the night of Secret Church. And I have never been more excited for the potential Kingdom impact that this year's highlight could have.

On March 29th, participants will gather on the campus at Brook Hills, in pews of churches around our nation, on college campuses, in homes on couches and even in villages in far off places around the world. Together we will study what the bible says about "Heaven, Hell and the End of the World". And at a point in the evening we will sit our pens and Bibles down to be introduced to a group of people who we will have the privilege of praying for.

The Hui: For many years much of the prayer and work among Muslims in the world has been focused in Africa and the Middle East. Most people do not realize there are over 22 million Muslims of 10 distinct ethnic groups living within China without access to the Gospel. The Hui are the largest of these people groups with a population of more than 12 million. “Hui” means Muslim in China. This includes other people groups such as the Salar and Dongxiang peoples. Of the 12 million Hui in China there are fewer than 1000 believers. Many of those believers suffer great persecution for their belief in Christ. Familial persecution is the greatest form of suffering as individuals are pressured to recant their faith and disowned if they do not. For the Hui of China, to be Hui is to be Muslim. To not be Muslim is to not be Hui. Workers among the Hui are trying to share the gospel and make disciples, but the task is difficult.

At Secret Church 13 we will introduce you to the Hui. Together, we will pray for long-term workers, Hui believers, and for those who have yet to hear the good news of Christ. But our prayers will not stop that evening. Throughout the whole month of April we are asking for churches, small groups, families, and individuals to join with us to focus in for a month long prayer emphasis for the Hui. Can you imagine the outcome?

So consider this your invitation to join with us and mobilize others, share the news, and commit to pray.

Here are some resources to help you learn more about the Hui and be knowledgeable on how to pray:



- This Blog:


If you would like to join us for Secret Church on March 29th, visit Secret Church to find out details and sign-up for the live simulcast.