My name is Casey Boss, and I am from Gulfport, MS originally. I moved to Kentucky about eight years ago to go to college. I started going to a school called Boyce College, and loved it. I eventually earned my bachelor’s degree in Biblical Counseling.

While I was there, I got to invest in a lot of students through the church that I interned at in Louisville, and that’s kind of where the Lord started working in my heart, leading me towards girls ministry. That’s where it all began. 

I had  a girls minister that began pouring into me and showing me what girls ministry was and what it was like to disciple.

I never had that growing up. So, it really changed my view about discipleship a lot.  She kinda got me into girls ministry, and then as I finished up college, I ended up going on staff there at my church to do girls ministry.  So, that’s how I got into doing what I’ll now be doing here.

I would say that because I didn’t have someone doing life with me one-on-one when I was younger, I realized how much of a need that is for students. So, the Lord, just in His kindness, showed me that later on, helped me see that need, and He began opening doors for me to be one-on-one with girls and to take them through Scripture and to memorize Scripture together.

Then as I grew in my position in ministry I was able to begin investing in interns working with us who were more in college, and I could talk to them and disciple them. So that kinda changed things in that my ministry wasn’t just on a student level but also with older girls who were maybe wanting to do girls ministry one day.

But, then, even in addition to that, I’m able to hang out with moms. That’s been a really cool ministry that I’ve been able to do. There have been a lot of moms that I never thought would talk to me about things who have just opened up and said, you know, “I want you to pour into my daughter,” and that was really cool. And so it just showed me I don’t have to have children to invest in other people who have children. I can speak to what the Bible speaks to.

These are all ways I’ve been able to invest in girls as a girls minister.

When I think about discipling girls, the first thing, I would say, of course, is that they have to be a believer. But, then, beyond that, it’s all about coming alongside them and doing life with them and showing them what it looks like to live as a Christian. I want to help them answer questions like:

“What does this mean for our worldview? How do we look at different things and put that through the lens of Scripture? What does Scripture have to say to certain issues in our lives?”

So, it means speaking into them and saying, “maybe this isn’t the best thing to do, but here’s another way. This is, you know, the way Scripture tells us to live and to live out our faith.” You can only do that, though, through memorizing Scripture and teaching them what the Bible says.

And then, you know, I want to teach them how to be able to invest in others as well. So, I’m investing in them so they then will invest in others. And then this whole cycle of discipleship will continue to happen after that. That’s essentially what girls ministry is.

I pray a lot, about all kinds of things. But I especially pray that the Lord would open my eyes to what girls and all our students are going through. I see them going to school, and it’s totally different from when I was going to school, but I also see, like, that the Lord can still work in their situation. And, so, I look for opportunities and just pray for opportunities to just be able to speak Truth into their lives.

Honestly, I think that they do go through a lot of different things, but the solution is the same. So, we all need to remember and help them remember that the gospel is what changes people.

I want to remind them to always be focusing on the gospel and how that makes them live their everyday lives.

That changes everything. So, no matter what issue they’re going through, Jesus brings truth. Jesus brings wisdom. He brings, just, life to them and light.

So, I pray a lot and am just asking the Lord for clarity and saying, “I don’t know what they’re going through God, but you do and you can give me wisdom on how to minister to them.”

That’s what I want to do and hope to do here at Brook Hills.

Casey Boss joined our staff team on June 1 as the Student Ministry Associate tasked with helping us shepherd girls, moms, and adult leaders in student ministry. She enjoys going to concerts and loves to travel. When she was a girl, her family raised seven opossums they found. Her sisters used to stick them in her hair, but she promises, “they aren’t as gross as they seem… if you give them baths.”