“An entire people group disappeared and was buried under the rubble,” he said.

Our partner in Nepal sat in the conference room here at Brook Hills and described to the Global Team the reality that he and his team were facing two months after the devastating 7.9 earthquake hit Nepal on April 25, 2015.

“We were flying over and assessing areas where our friends were and where we had previously set up ministry centers. We flew down into the Langtang valley and realized that the earthquake had triggered the mountainside to collapse and it had wiped out the entire village of the Langtang people. The only remnant of this people group are the few who survived and had been evacuated to the city.”

The Church at Brook Hills began partnering with The Footstool Project in Nepal in late 2013. Their focus on ethnic Tibetan people groups living throughout the Himalayas of Nepal allows our church to participate in the work of making Christ known to these hard-to-access unreached people groups.

Our church has the privilege through the Global Offering to participate in Mobile Discipleship Programs that allow indigenous believers to go into remote locations to share the gospel and push forward the boundaries of God’s kingdom among the unreached.

But as the Global Team sat and listened to our partner speak that day about how 2 of the 3 Mobile Discipleship Programs our church was partnering with had been deeply affected by the earthquake, we realized we would need to partner in a different way.

“We are not a relief organization, but we have been in the areas where the most need is and have the relational grid to meet those needs,” said our partner. “Many relief organizations are looking to us to lead out and help them access the areas of most need.”

Since the April 25th earthquake in Nepal, The Footstool Project has been relentlessly working to provide relief to those in the epicenter. Schools are being reopened, the vulnerable are being cared for, and the rebuilding phase is starting. The Lord has opened up doors to new people groups and given favor to our partners as the work of the gospel goes forward. But there is much work to be done to carry hope to the people of Nepal.

Through the Global Offering we are able to come alongside The Footstool Project and other partners in the area to provide relief from this disaster. We pray that as believers continue to help restore the people of Nepal to life, the good news of Christ will be on their lips and the hearts of the unreached will be opened to the one who saves.

Thank you for giving to the Global Offering. These gifts allow our church to be able to continue to participate when disasters like the Nepal Earthquake strike our world. If you are interested in going to Nepal with Brook Hills, visit the Global kiosk in the lobby for more information. To learn more about The Footstool Project and their on-going work in Nepal, visit The Footstool Project.

During each Worship Gathering this month, we will be collecting our Global Offering. This offering consists of giving above and beyond our regular tithes and offerings. Money collected goes to support our members and partners on Short-Term, Mid-Term, and Long-Term mission all around the world.