During the month of April we are joining thousands of others and committing to pray for the people of the Horn of Africa. Over the next four weeks we will post information and prayer requests on this blog. We invite you to join us in learning about and praying for the people of the Horn.


Can you think of anything you do 5 times every day? There are very few things on my list. But faithful Muslim people in the Horn of Africa take time to pray 5 times every day. Before praying a Muslim will ceremonially wash their hands, feet and face to make themselves "clean enough" to be heard by God. Then they face the east, lay out their prayer mat, bow and prostrate themselves.



I don’t know what is on your list of things you do 5 times a day, but here are some ideas…

  • Today, each time you look at your phone, pray for the Horn.

  • Each time you eat a meal or snack, pray for the Horn

  • Each time you check your email or facebook page, pray for the Horn.


Lift up those who are seeking to be right and clean before God. Ask God to reveal himself as the one, true God. Pray they find freedom from rituals and accept Christ as the way they can be made righteous before Him once and for all. Pray that they will share their joy with their families, neighbors and friends so they too can know Christ.

*for more information and other ways to pray for peoples of the Horn of Africa, visit prayforthehorn.com