You may have noticed something on the cover of our worship guide this week looks a little different. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. We’ve recently made some updates to our church logo.

You may be wondering why we thought this was necessary or even why it’s worth giving any consideration to a logo at all. So, we want to share with you a bit about why our logo is important, our reasons behind giving it an update, and what we hope it helps us convey to the world around us.

Why Our Logo Matters

A logo helps our immediate community and the world at large know who we are as a church. This is more than just stating our name. It is essentially the visual identity of our church. It represents our personality and begins to communicate what’s important to us as a local body of Christ-followers.

Our most recent logo served us very well in this capacity for many years, just as our logo prior to that did as well. However, we saw opportunities for it to be even better, which also allowed us the chance to give it a fresh look while continuing to maintain the core identity of who we’ve been and continue to be at The Church at Brook Hills.

The Pieces of Our Logo

For the past few years, whenever anyone looked at our logo, the words that stood out most prominently were “The Church.” This has been important to us because that’s who we are: members of One Body, the Bride of Jesus Christ, the Church. However, we are also a particular church, a local body in a certain place. We are The Church at Brook Hills. But those words “Brook Hills” were often difficult to read, even though we refer to ourselves most often by those two words, and that’s the name by which most people know us. Therefore, in our new logo, we took steps to make “Brook Hills” stand out more and updated the font to help in readability.

The icon of our logo is obviously circular in nature, but that shape is made up of three distinct parts. These parts reflect the three-fold task we are committed to as a church: worship, nurture, and mission. The ends of these parts overlap and lead into one another to reflect how that is true about our task as well. Worship fuels our nurture and mission. Nurture makes mission and worship possible. Mission leads to worship and nurture. You’ll also notice we’ve freshened up the colors of our icon so they appear more vibrant to reflect the vibrant life we have in Christ.

The cross, and the gospel it represents, is central to both our individual lives as Christ-followers and our corporate life as a church. For that reason, it’s always been central in our logo. However, in conversations with both members of Brook Hills and others from outside our church, we were amazed to discover just how many people missed that altogether. So, when updating the logo, we made sure the central cross would stand out more prominently. This serves to remind us and to share with others around us that, as Pastor Matt taught last Sunday, the main thing is the gospel.

The other lines that join the central cross to make up the icon of our logo are meant to bring to mind lines of longitude and latitude, helping to convey the idea of a globe. This is obviously important because it reminds us of our global mission. We are not a church for just ourselves. We care about our greater community, our country, and the world around us, especially those unreached with the gospel wherever they might be found, and it is our vision, mission, and goal to see them reached with the good news of Jesus Christ.


Not everyone will discern this meaning whenever they look at our logo, but that’s okay. We’ll know.

You’ll slowly begin to see our new logo appear more and more around our church and community. Our hope and prayer is that it will serve us well – both to remind each of us about who we are as The Church at Brook Hills and what’s important to us and to help us share with the world around us our love for God, our love for one another, and our love for them.