Have you ever found yourself in an unplanned, unforeseen circumstance? A circumstance that left you in need of Godly counsel or financial help? There is no doubt that many of us have or know of people who have. That is why at the beginning of each month we take up our Family Assistance Offering. Through your giving, we are able to help many many people who have found themselves in these sudden circumstances and care for them in the way we believe Jesus calls us to.

Below are stories of real people who have seen the love of Christ through you and your giving. Each of these stories are people we’ve been able to assist through our Family Assistance Offering we take each month.

Caring for orphans has been placed as a heavy burden on the heart of a woman in our faith family. She is single and has never been married but felt the Lord calling her to serve the fatherless. She decided to become a foster mom, eventually taking in several children. As a single woman, the cost of caring for the children becomes a challenge at times. She is a faithful follower of Christ and trusts in Him completely to provide.

A father of two lost his job. He went from job to job just trying to make ends meet. His wife considered going back to work, but the cost of childcare would offset any income she’d bring in. So the father took on as much work as he could. At one point, he was working three different jobs, seven days a week. This struggle stretched out over several years, but through all of it, he and his family remained faithful members of the Body at Brook Hills. They attend every Sunday for Worship Gatherings, on Wednesday evenings for Small Group, and serve in Preschool. Now, he has a promising job and is still counted as among one of the most faithful members of our church.

While serving at the Marks Village Bible Club, some Brook Hills members met a fellow volunteer who was going through a difficult time. Her husband of 25 years broke their covenant and decided he wanted their marriage to end. In the midst of this sudden, painful divorce, she found herself struggling to find her next steps in moving on with her life apart from her husband. She had been a stay-at-home mom for most of those 25 years and now found herself needing to get a job to support herself. She came to Brook Hills seeking counsel. She’s gone through our DivorceCare program and also through the WorkFaith Birmingham workshop. Today, she has a good job, is active in a BH Women’s Small Group, and continues to serve in Marks Village.

A Brook Hills member met a young, 20-something woman who is not only caring for her aging mother but also for the infant of her deceased sister. She is not a believer, but this member sees the opportunity for us to play a part in helping to provide basic needs like groceries. Beyond providing groceries, she also sees this as an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to this woman and hopefully soften her heart to the gospel.

A woman in our faith family had been sexually assaulted. She and her husband are long-time believers and had been involved in doing ministry together for most of their lives. After her assault, she found herself emotionally distraught and sought counsel. She turned to the church. While Brook Hills is equipped to deal with many situations, this was an instance our ministers felt best to refer out to a more specialized counselor. Through God’s guidance and grace, she has been able to move forward from this tragedy. She and her husband have continued to be very involved in the life of Brook Hills and have also started doing ministry together again.

Because of your giving, these people, members and non-members alike, were able to receive help in their time of need with every situation being covered in prayer.

Below is one of the many thank you notes we receive throughout the year. May it serve as an encouragement to you as you continue to give faithfully to our body at Brook Hills.

To the Church at Brook Hills,

Over the last eight years, I have attended church here when my health allowed. I have lupus and other medical complications. During many trials and tribulations of illness, I lost everything except my FAITH in God. Discussing these big and mighty challenges with Pastor Houston and his dedicated Tanya Poe has been a true encouragement and renewal of my strength spiritually. Pastor Houston has not only provided Godly council, he has assisted me with financial relief from the church emergency fund for families in distress. These moments of Godly help, provided MIRACLES of keeping me stabilized in my apartment and giving me food and gas to survive the particular storms of life. I am humbled to have this church love me in a way that only Jesus can. I am honored to say I am still standing with my FAITH because this Body of Believers cares. I will forever be grateful for the service and acts of kindness. Thank you all for your open hands and loving hearts to receive me just as I am.

In God’s Merciful Wonder,
Your Sister in Christ

Our Family Assistance Offering is taken at the beginning of every month in Worship Gatherings. However, you can give to it anytime by going to brookhills.org/give and clicking on “Benevolence.”