So we made it... finally!! It's good to be in India again!

I sit here in great anticipation of our meetings in the coming days. We have the unique privilege of getting to see first hand the fruit of a year devoted to making God's glory known across Northern India. The fruit of God's grace in the lives of a church body that I hold dear. I want to thank everyone at BH for the honor of representing you in this effort to both report about and strengthen the partnerships that have been formed over the past year. Please know that I do not take this task lightly and I hope to give each of you a real glimpse into what your faith has accomplished for the HIS name here.

It's extremely daunting when you think about the reality of the lostness across this country. The stats are staggering. Almost overwhelming at times. Taken in light of the truths we know and hold to... unacceptable. That's what makes this so much sweeter. By God's grace I'm a part of a body of believers that has said we are not going to accept it. A body that knows that God deserves the honor, praise, adoration, and worship of every people group in India, and has said we are going to give our lives to do something about it. I thank God for your faith. I thank God for compelling you to this task, and I pray HE will give you the resolve to see it through.

With all this in mind, we have high hopes for the next several days. We know that your faith will be evident in the work that has taken place here. This team resolves to make the most of this time. To utilize every avenue we can to tell you the story of how God is at work across this country through your sacrifice. We are looking forward to seeing the disciples that have been made through all of your giving and going. We look forward to seeing how your resources have impacted the lives of women and children through the CSP programs. We look forward to seeing the impact that clean drinking water has had on different villages. We look forward to seeing the effect of team after team sharing, showing, serving, and teaching the Word across India. Thank you church.

Please be in prayer for us and our partners here. Pray that God will grant us grace to determine how we are to best move forward in the coming months and years with what is going on in India. Love you church. See you again soon. - Cory