Written by: Jonathan B.

Last week we entered one of the best times of the year at The Church at Brook Hills. Not only is it a time to sacrificially give above and beyond our regular tithe, it is the time of year we celebrate how God has used our faith family globally. As we tell the stories of what God is doing and pray for new opportunities he will lead us to, I want to challenge you to participate in this season of giving.

Partner with us to impact the lost, the poor, and the persecuted by giving to the Brook Hills Global Offering. Together, we can continue to support those we send out from among us, and the field partners we serve alongside all around the world.

Just yesterday, I rejoiced as I heard detailed reports from field partners in India, Cambodia, and South Sudan about lives transformed, through our giving last year. Yesterday, I was also challenged as I heard about needs in the Middle East and Ecuador.

All of the resources we have belong to God. There is not a shortage of resources in the Kingdom of God. The question we must ask is “Are we spending our resources for the glory of God among all nations?” As we steward the resources God has given each of us, may we all sacrificially give to support the spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth. You can give during each Sunday worship gathering or online anytime through the Brook Hills giving page.

Thank you for partnering with us to glorify God by making disciples of all nations.


Jonathan B. is the pastor of Global Disciple-Making at The Church at Brook Hills.