A group of Brook Hills students left for New York City this weekend. They are spending time with our partner in the city that ministers to the diverse cultures that exist in NYC. Through the avenue of English training, our students are building relationships and sharing the Gospel with the nations. Our students will have the opportunity to meet unreached peoples: West African Muslims, Yemenese Muslims, and South Asians (from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal & Tibet). Read about their unique opportunities while they serve the world and share the gospel in New York City.

Posted by: Wes Sullivan - Associate Pastor to Students

Phillipians 2:4 Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

We had a couple of great days traveling & getting acquainted with the New York culture. We are staying in a great house close to the beach & actually stuck our toes in the water right after we arrived on Saturday. Sunday we were very blessed to get to worship at The Brooklyn Tabernacle. The whole service was pointing towards students glorifying Christ with their lives (they are still in school in New York & will get out next week). The message was about not wandering in the wilderness after making a profession of faith, but instead, stepping out in faith with God & following HIS plan for your life. We spent the rest of the day getting acquainted to Manhattan.

Monday morning we got up bright & early. Our group is split into two teams. Team 1 makes an hour-long bus trek each morning to assist ministry interns with ESL (english as a second language) class. After class, flyers were passed out to businesses advertising the classes, which are in the mornings & in the evenings. Flyers were also passed out near a local school for a kids club that is held every Tuesday. We really thought we wouldn't be received well but was surprised how many of the families in Jackson Heights wanted the free investment in their kids. After this some of the guys went to a coffee/tea house to try and build relationships with some local people in the community. They actually got the opportunity to build a relationship with a Tibetan Buddhist gentleman. Please pray that this relationship will continue to grow. The Team 1 girls prayer walked in the neighborhood & then assisted with the women's evening ESL class.

Team 2 members did some service/construction work at the house where we are staying...painting, pulling weeds, cutting grass, changing out closet doors, starting work on a new pantry and much more. Then they prayer walked & handed out flyers in another neighborhood before joining Team 1 for supper & then assisting in the ESL classes. The men's ESL classes are focusing on parts of the body & conversational english. The women's ESL classes are focusing on nouns & verbs, along with some conversational english. They practice their skills by reading some simple bible stories....creation, Daniel & the Lions den. When we finished at 9:00, we took our hour-long bus trek back to the house for devotion time & some much needed sleep.

We are going strong most of the day so please pray that the Lord will give us energy and reveal himself in this Community. It is overwhelming to walk down one of the 1000 blocks only to see hundreds of deceived people that were crafted in the image of one Most High God. They have been deceived into trusting things that will only dry up and pass away. Its a good reminder for us that we often deceive ourselves with everything other than the One who is most important. We may not worship a wooden god but we are so often distracted by the things that are passing by in this world. Please continue to pray for the remainder of our time and for the people that live and worship here everyday.

Wes, Mark, The Student Ministry Team