In the processing and praying about the current realities of Türkiye and Syria, here is a lament from your Global Pastor.

O Lord, how our woes increase.

The toppled buildings,

The mangled wires,

The dust clouds rising,

The foundations buckling,

The people wailing.

It’s too much, O Lord. It’s too much.

How can Your heart take it all in? 


The sounds like arrows pierce within.

The booms of pipes bursting,

The crackling of electric lines failing,

The chatter of earth colliding,

The dings of trapped messages unheeded,

The cries of the fleeing,

The wailing of mourners. 

It’s too much, O Lord. It’s too much.

We know You hear, O Lord.  


Then the silence, O Lord, it haunts.

As weary rescuers wait,

As fainting cries beneath,

As whispering prayers rise,

As trembling lips gather round crowded fires,

How will you answer O Lord?

An ear, O Lord, and it is done.

An ear, O Lord. 

Incline it anew. 


The shaking, Lord, when will it end?

Stay, the unnerving force. 

Stay, the unsettled depths.

How will it cease until You bring peace? 


The foundations you created settle at Your command.

Give the word, O Lord, one word is all. 

“Peace!” and this shaking will cease.


Shelter, O Lord, there is nowhere to run. 

Stay, O Lord,  when all hope gives way.

Still, our Refuge, trembling hearts.

You, O Lord, bring light to this dark.


The shaking, the quaking, all seems gone.

Your kingdom, unshakable, let it come.

Your will be done.


***As rescue efforts continue, we ask you to keep praying for the preservation of life and the strength of the rescue efforts. We are currently researching multiple channels to give toward relief efforts through the Global Offering. A portion of global Offering is set aside for crisis moments like these and so we are thankful for your gifts to help us serve in this time of need. If more specific needs arise, we will relay them to you. Thank you for your eagerness to give as a faith family and for your prayers for the people of Türkiye and Syria.***