Haydee is an active member of our Hispanic Congregation. She and her small group have been praying for the relationship between her husband, Doug, and her stepdaughter, Christine, for quite some time. Recently, God answered those prayers through restoring both their relationship and Christine’s health.

Christine’s and Doug’s relationship was on the rocks for about eight years. They didn’t see each other and only spoke perhaps once a year. Haydee and her Small Group had prayed for three months, asking God for a breakthrough. One night, Doug hesitantly sent Christine a text to see how she was doing and to let her know that he was there for her if she ever needed to talk. He didn’t think he would get a response, but thirty seconds later, Christine texted back. That led to a conversation about how she had been struggling with some poor health.

Years ago, Christine was involved in a car accident. Doctors performed surgery on her and placed a device in her head to assist the drainage of spinal fluid from her brain. When she finally had this conversation with Doug, the device had recently begun to fail. She was experiencing a great deal of pain along with other symptoms. After many tests, doctors in Florida informed her she needed to have the device replaced as soon as possible because it was dangerous to leave it as it was any longer.

However, The doctors who performed the initial surgery and placed the device were here at UAB. So Christine decided to come to Birmingham, stay with her father and stepmother, and go see these doctors to have them perform the procedure. All the while, Haydee and her small group continued praying, now adding healing for Christine’s body as well as her relationship with her father to their list of requests.

Christine went for her appointment with the doctors at UAB. They agreed to perform the procedure, and, in preparation, ran some necessary tests to ensure everything was good to go. Miraculously, after the doctors looked at the results, they couldn’t find anything wrong with her, and the device was performing perfectly.

They compared the tests results from the doctors in Florida to the new ones. They could see that it was definitely the same person, but they could not explain why the tests had given such vastly different results. Nor could they explain the good test results given her symptoms. The perplexed doctors ended up canceling the procedure. Then, upon further investigation, they were able to diagnose a simple ear infection. Christine just needed some to take some medication, and she would be well.

God is all-powerful and able to heal! He is a kind and gracious Father who hears the prayers of His children, and answers them as He knows is best. Haydee experienced this truth first-hand as she watched God bring healing to her stepdaughter and husband, both physically and relationally. Things are healed in such a way that now there is even a great relationship between stepmother and stepdaughter. God is good!

The Church at Brook Hills’ Hispanic Congregation meets weekly at 10:00am at 1012 Dunnavant Valley Road (Hwy 41 N), Birmingham, AL 35242. Yoshua Galo serves with our Hispanic Congregation. He has been a member of Brook Hills since 2011. For more information about our Hispanic Congregation, visit brookhills.org/hispanic.