They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer. . . praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. Every day the Lord added to their number those who were being saved. - Acts 2:42, 47


When we explore Scripture, especially the New Testament, we discover three biblical priorities God intends for the local church:


"Worship" means we glorify God together. "Nurture" leads us to care for one another and help each other cultivate faith. "Mission" motivates us to witness to the gospel to all those we encounter, both here in our city and around the world.

Reflecting these priorities is our purpose.


As The Church at Brook Hills, our purpose is to:


The members who make up The Church at Brook Hills are a faith family completely committed to living out this purpose together. We have many ministries working to make this happen, and we want you to know we have a place for you.

To help us accomplish this purpose, we strive together after eight pursuits.


These eight distinct pursuits drive everything we do as a faith family.

We pursue transformation; so we abide biblically. 

God's Word is truthful, hopeful, and helpful. It's deeply relevant for life. We want to understand and welcome the truth, and see it change us to be more like Christ.

We pursue worship; so we gather faithfully. 

Gathered worship focuses our attention where it belongs: on God. Regularly remembering, celebrating, and proclaiming the gospel fuels the rest of our lives.

We pursue community; so we connect meaningfully. 

The church is a people, not a place. Members covenant together in unity to love, care for, encourage, challenge, teach, pray for, and serve one another as a faith family.

We pursue kindness; so we welcome graciously. 

Grace moves us toward others. We invite sinners and saints alike, burdened by life, to come and find rest in God and restoration in Jesus Christ.

We pursue ministry; so we invest sacrificially. 

We give of ourselves generously, cheerfully, and selflessly, stewarding our gifts and resources for the good of one another and all those around us.

We pursue outreach; so we engage locally. 

We are city positive and faithfully present. We love Birmingham and know the ultimate answer for every broken thing or person in our city is Jesus.

We pursue mission; so we reach globally. 

Jesus sends every Christ-follower to proclaim His gospel to all peoples everywhere and to invite them to put their faith in His salvation and join us in His mission.

We pursue faith; so we risk intentionally. 

Biblical faith involves truth, conviction, and action. Prayerfully dependent on God and empowered by the Spirit, we step out in trust to follow wherever He leads.