WRAP is a tool that helps the body of Christ to emulate the Father’s heart for both Foster Children and the families who care for them. It consists of four primary ways that the church can come alongside foster children and foster families.

W - Wrestle in Prayer
A team of 3-4 people commit to intentionally and continually pray for the foster family.

R - Relief Care
A team of 3-4 people make themselves available to care for either the foster children or other children in the family in order for the foster parents to have a few free hours, or in order to give one-on-one attention to a specific child’s need. This could include transporting children to home visits and/or counseling appointments.

A - Acts of Service
This team of 3-4 individuals is available to provide meals, run errands, tutor, and share of their time and talents to serve the foster family.

P - Promises of God
This team of 2-3 people commit to sharing scriptural encouragement with the foster family through notes, emails, phone calls, etc.

How will you WRAP?

To become a part of a WRAP team or to find out more information, please reach out to our WRAP Ministry Contact, Margaret Ramsey below.