Wes Sullivan

Associate Student Minister

Ministry Role & Responsibility: I have the opportunity to serve our 6th-12th grade students and families. One of my favorite parts of that role is coming alongside our young men, male leaders, and fathers of students. I preach, disciple a group of 7th grade guys, and lead our technical teams.

About Me: I've been married to Danielle since 2004. In July of 2011 the Lord blessed us with twins, Malakai and Amiya. Then in September of 2018 we became a family of five with the addition of our daughter, Nora Layne.

Danielle and I met my sophomore year at Mississippi College. She was a cheerleader and I played football…and cheered as well (don’t make fun, it’s a sport!).

Adjectives to describe my family members:

  • Danielle: detailed, incredible mother, loving, wise, woman of integrity, and consistently, out of my league!
  • Malakai: funny, leads by example, honest, encourager, creative
  • Amiya: vocal leader, kind, loving, D personality, just the right amount of sassiness, independent, motherly
  • Nora Layne: sweet and kind…but if that doesn’t work “loud and forceful" would be the next step

On Staff & Member Of Brook Hills Since: January 2004

Favorite Scripture: The Story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32

Interesting Fact:  I make my own ammo, I’m fairly particular about my personal fitness and nutrition, and I'm a bit of a coffee snob.

Phone: 205-313-7787