Legacy is Brook Hills' ministry to senior adults. If you are retired, a grandparent, over 60, or love to hang out with those who are, you are invited to join us.


Legacy Link Virtual Meetings


Online meeting Thursday, October 29, at 2:00pm.
You’ll hear real-life stories from three of our seniors who have been enlisted to tell their story.

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There are many without power. We will meet at 2:00pm and see how many can connect and then decide whether to reschedule. (Updated 1:30pm Thursday)

Link to Meeting
(Live on day of event only. The password is "smallgroup".)

Quarterly Legacy Lunches

When life gets back to normal, join us at one of our Legacy Lunches. These quarterly meetings allow legacy adults at Brook Hills to get to know other adults beyond their Small Group, while enjoying a meal together and being encouraged spiritually. 

The lunches are most often at church with the main course provided by the church and attendees bringing a side dish, salad, or dessert. Occasionally, we'll do a catered meal and we'll charge $7.50 a person at the door. We love reservations, but there always seems to be plenty of food so you are welcome without a reservation.

Small Groups & Email Subscription

We also have Small Groups available for you to join, so you can connect other Legacy Adults and study the Bible together. Find out more about Legacy Adult Small Groups!

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