Women's Community Group is a multi-generational gathering of women who come together to study the Bible and to cultivate friendship. This fall semester they will be studying together:

Better: A Study of Hebrews with Jen Wilkin teaching videos via Zoom. If you do not have the Zoom app on your computer, you may download it here. It can also be downloaded on a smart phone or tablet.


Daytime option - Wednesday, September 16 to November 18

9:30 am – Zoom opens for fellowship

10:00 am – Welcome/prayer/teaching videos with Jen Wilkin

11:00 am – Dismiss to small group Bible study time

12:00pm – Dismiss from small group time

12:30 pm - Zoom call ends

Evening option* - Thursday, September 17 - November 19

6:00 pm  – Zoom opens for fellowship

6:30 pm – Welcome/prayer/teaching videos with Jen Wilkin

7:30 pm – Dismiss to small group Bible study time

8:30 pm – Dismiss from small group time

9:00 pm - Zoom call ends

*You may join the Thursday evening session if you miss the Wednesday daytime session. This is also a great option for working women, homeschooling moms, and anyone needing an evening option!

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Lollie Burg & Deb Bengtson

Jan Hendrickson 

Michelle Hower 

Jacque Staed 

Carol Brown 

Rosie Durham 



Childcare will not be offered for the fall semester due to COVID-19 restrictions.


If you are wanting to connect to a women’s small group other than these daytime on-campus groups, click here for more options. 

For questions regarding any of our women’s small groups contact Dawn Stephens at (205) 313-7791.


Complete the form below and a small group leader will contact you before the group starts to say "Hello" and give you details for your group.