Dear Women’s Community Group Attendee:
We are so excited to have you joining us this week for our Women’s Community Group and study of Hebrews with author Jen Wilkin.  Below are your Zoom link and details on joining our weekly study. Keep this email and use these Zoom links each week to join the Community Group study.
Zoom Links:
Click on this link to join the weekly Wednesday AM Community Group and enter the passcode: 301130
Click on this link to join the weekly Thursday PM Community Group and enter the passcode: 35242

Zoom protocol:
If you want to learn more about Zoom and how to have the best experience, watch this fun Zoom Protocol video by a gal I love to watch, Dominique Sasche.  Some things to remember:

  • You must have the Zoom app downloaded on your laptop, tablet (i-pad), or phone to join the group, download it here
  • If you did not use the same email to register for the Community Group as you use with your Zoom account, please email Jan Verciglio and send her the email you use with Zoom. We need them to be the same for the breakout time each week.
  • Your audio will be muted when you enter the Zoom call. Please keep yourself muted, especially during the showing of Jen’s teaching video in case there is ancillary noise that would be distracting to others.  But make sure the sound is up on your device so you can hear Carol and others.
  • Certainly, feel free to unmute if you have questions. 
  • Your video will possibly be muted when you enter the Zoom call, so unmute the video in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.
  • The Zoom call will be open each week at 9:30. Feel free to join us then. See the schedule below for more details.
  • After the video teaching by Jen Wilkin, you will be sent into your small group time. A message will appear on your screen that says “join breakout room” – click yes and you will automatically be sent into a breakout room with your small group women. When your group is done, you will click on Leave the Call (red button).

Women’s Community Group: 
Studying ​Better: A Study of Hebrews​ with Jen Wilkin teaching videos via Zoom. Click ​here​ to order your workbook and ​here ​to download the Zoom app.
Wednesday, September 16 - November 18 (Daytime Option) 9:30am
9:30 am – Zoom opens for fellowship- Bring your coffee or tea!
10:00 am – Welcome/Prayer/Large group teaching by Jen Wilkin video
11:00 am – Dismiss to small group Bible study time into breakout rooms by leader name
12:30pm - Zoom call ends
* If you miss a daytime session, you may join us on the evening Zoom link above.
Here is our detailed weekly schedule you may want to print off for your own planning.
Serve Day:
We will not have a corporate serve day this semester, but we encourage groups to still seek ways to serve together in our community this fall.

Click here​ to learn more about other Fall 2020 events and connection opportunities for women​ at Brook Hills. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to email either of us. If you have technical problems during the Zoom call, please text me at 205.613.8306. Thank you!
Dawn Stephens
Women’s Minister
The Church at Brook Hills
Carol Brown
Women’s Community Group Team Leader