Women's Book Group

Do you have a child that is “outside-the-box” that you love? Do you need encouragement to stay strong as a mom, and see them as God sees them?  Do you have someone in your life who you don’t quite “get” and need help to love them better? Were you that "outside the box" child that needed someone to "get" you?

If so, join us this spring as we read or listen to the book, "Different: The Story of an Outside-the-Box Kid and the Mom Who Loved Him" by Sally Clarkson.  This book group selection will focus on God’s unique design for each of our children, no matter their disabilities or abilities.  Sally Clarkson’s wisdom and biblical teaching will guide your heart and mind to “see” your child in God’s eyes and join Him in preparing this young person for His plan.

Register below to attend one in-person or virtual discussion group that will meet from April 10th to the 28th. These groups will be led by Brook Hills Women who are walking with and loving a “different” person in their life.

Brook Hills Moms Share
Their Thoughts On the Book:

"As a mom of three special needs kids under the age of 11, I really appreciate the way that Sally and Nathan co-wrote this book. I'm able to connect with Sally's experience of loving and mothering a different child, but it's also great to hear the perspective of her grown-up son with special needs and how his upbringing influenced him."- Katie Grubbs

"Sally and Nathan’s inspirational story is for anyone who feels like they just don’t fit in.  It’s for people who live with a child/sibling/friend/spouse who does not fit the cultural “mold.” It points to God, our Creator, who made each one of us uniquely with our quirks, diagnoses, and personal challenges." - Laura Dunham

To Participate in Our Book Group:

  1. Purchase the book here.
  2. Read it in February and March!
  3. Register for a one-time in-home discussion group with other Brook Hills women in April. Dates and locations are included below.
    Additionally, you can read it with a friend or your small group and discuss it at your own time and place.