This fall, men at Brook Hills have the opportunity to come together for a book study of The Death of Porn by Ray Ortlund. The dates are TBD, but sign up below if you're interested in participating in this book study.

Information about the Book:

Your Battle against Porn Isn’t about Porn. It’s about Hope. 

Pornography may seem inescapable, but God can free us from its destructive power. The gospel replaces the dehumanizing lies of pornography with this surprising truth: God created us as royalty. How then can we reclaim our God-given identity to take a stand against―and ultimately starve―the predatory porn industry?

In The Death of Porn, Ray Ortlund writes six personal letters, as from a father to his son. Ideal for individuals and small groups, it will give hope to men who have been misled by porn into devaluing themselves and others. Through Scripture and personal stories, Ortlund assures readers that God loves them the most tenderly in their moments of deepest shame. The Death of Porn inspires men to come together in new ways to fight the injustice of porn and build a world of nobility for every man and woman―for the sake of future generations.