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For Parents of Preschoolers

It's week two in our series Big and Strong. We are going to hear about different people in the Bible who could do amazing things because they trusted their big and strong God. God helped them be courageous and strong even when things were hard or scary. This week, we will hear about a man named Gideon. God chose Gideon to lead an army to fight the bad Midianites. Gideon didn't know if he could do it, but he chose to trust God. Gideon trusted God because he knew this: God would give him what he needed.

This Week's Bible Story Video:

Songs to Be Singing Together:

This Week's Coloring Sheets:

For Parents of Elementary-Age Children

We are confident you are shepherding your children well at home as it is evident in our interactions with them. We count it a privilege to partner with you in their discipleship. You have always been your child’s primary faith trainer and currently you may even be his or her only faith trainer. Now we want to continue our partnership with you, your child’s small group leader.  

Gospel Project at Home

Our Sunday morning trek through the Bible continues at home. Use the links below to access activity pages and the Bible lesson video for your use at home.

Children in Worship

Whether you are worshiping with us on-campus or in your home, now is a good time to help your children begin to develop good listening and note-taking habits. “My Worship Gathering Notes” has been created with 1st and 2nd grade readers in mind. Many older children are able to use the worship guide provided for adults. You know your child best and can determine which guide is most beneficial for him or her. You may print either guide for use wherever you are choosing to gather for corporate worship.

Bible Memory Verses

Our winter Bible memory cards are available to download on your mobile devices, tablets, etc. 

BH Kids has prepared two documents you may find helpful as you navigate these changing times: “In Times Like These” and “Welcome the Children to Worship.”