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For Parents of Preschoolers

We are halfway through the series, The Fruit of the Spirit. In today’s story, Tabitha shows us an example of how we can show others God’s love by doing kind things.

This Week's Bible Story Video:

Songs to Be Singing Together:

This Week's Coloring Sheets:

For Parents of Elementary-Age Children

We are confident that you are already shepherding your children well through these new experiences. As a supplement, Brook Hills Kids has prepared an article, “In Times Like These,” with the hope that you’ll find it to be timely and helpful.

Gospel Project at Home

We typically take a small group break during the month of July and will keep that schedule this summer as well. You may still access all the previous Gospel Project at Home lessons and videos to use for review or to catch up on any you may have missed.

Children in Worship

For the summer break, we are also providing a new document, My Worship Gathering Notes. Now is a good time to help your children begin to develop good listening and note-taking habits. 

My Worship Gathering Notes is designed with 1st and 2nd grade readers in mind. Many older children are able to use the worship guide provided for adults. You know your child best and can determine which guide is most beneficial for him or her. You may print either guide for use at home during the livestream or bring with you to the worship gatherings on campus.

"Welcome the Children to Worship" is an article John Tice wrote a few years ago about the value of children participating in corporate worship. He also gives insightful tips to help you and your child do more than just survive the hour.

Bible Memory Verses

Our summer Bible memory cards are available to download on your mobile devices, tablets, etc.