Whether you have just started serving with Brook Hill's ESL Ministry, have been serving faithfully for years, or are just beginning to think about serving with internationals, the City Ministries team has created a short resource list for you. Our prayer is that these resource better equip you for serving both international friends within our city and abroad.

If you want more information about serving with the ESL Ministry, please reach out to Courtney at csimpson@brookhills.org.

Foreign to Familiar by Sarah A. Lanier

If the world were roughly divided into "hot climate" and "cold climate" cultures, what could one half of humankind learn from the other? Lanier---the daughter of missionaries and an experienced world traveler---writes insightfully on topics including relationship vs. task orientation; direct vs. indirect communication; individualism vs. group identity; and different concepts of hospitality.



Cross-Cultural Servanthood by Duane Elmer

Cross-cultural specialist Duane Elmer gives Christians practical guidance for serving with internationals locally or serving internationally with sensitivity and humility. With careful biblical exposition and keen cross-cultural awareness, he shows how our actions and attitudes often contradict and offend local cultural sensibilities. He offers principles and guidance for avoiding misunderstandings and building relationships in ways that honor other cultures.