Learning to Trust by Juli Slattery and Authentic Intimacy

We all like to be in control. In the land of plenty, with the Internet at our fingertips, we don’t like not knowing. Answers? Yes, please. Uncertainty? No, thank you! 

So when things happen that are out of your control—losing a job, the end of a marriage, a rebellious child, a chronic illness, a worldwide pandemic—it can feel like your world is crumbling beneath your feet. 

In these conversations, you’ll hear inspiring stories from women who walked with God even when their greatest fears came true; practical ways to redirect your thoughts from worry or anxiety to contentment and gratitude; and how to walk by faith—even when it feels like you’re groping for answers in the dark. The goal is not to become worry-free. The goal is that we learn how to trust Him. This study includes:

  • How You Can Choose Contentment Every Day
  • What Do You Fear?
  • We All Deconstruct, It’s “Reconstructing” That Matters
  •  When Life Becomes Undone
  • How to Find Fulfillment at the Feet of Jesus

You will listen to an audio teaching on each of the topics above and then reflect on the discussion questions alone or with your Small Group. We recommend starting May 1, although you are welcome to begin any time. We will host a Zoom discussion on July 29 - Juli Slattery will join us as our special guest! Learn more and sign up here!
Additional resources are also given for each week’s teaching on the downloadable handout linked above. 

This audio content has been given to us courtesy of Authentic Intimacy. Check them out for great biblical teaching on a variety of topics!

Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow

Even though we all want to be content and trust God, we can still feel overwhelmed by worry. Especially living in a time of pandemic, economic uncertainty, and an overhaul of our daily lives, we need solid teaching and practical help to remind us what God says about contentment and how to apply it to our daily lives.


Join our Summer Book Club and calm your anxious heart with God’s Word and His provision through other women you will meet along this journey. 

the book on your own this summer. Linda Dillow will join us on a Zoom call as our special guest on October 1!
companion journal is also available, or the two are available as a bundle!


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