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For Parents of Preschoolers

It's our final week in, "The Story of Easter" series. After Jesus rose from the grave, the Bible tells us that He appeared to His disciples and many other people. Today, we will learn about a  special gift that Jesus gave to them and the very important job He told them to do. 

This Week's Bible Story Video:

Songs to Be Singing Together:

This Week's Coloring Sheets:

Looking for a little extra fun with your preschoolers this week? We have included the Lesson Plan outline for you and it contains a fun Clue Search. Before you begin, read over the lesson plan, print the "clues", hide them around the house, and have the kids go on a "hunt" for them. When the clues have all been found, come back together and ask the kids to look for them as they watch the Bible Story. Have fun. 

For Parents of Elementary-Age Children

We are confident that you are already shepherding your children well through these new experiences. As a supplement, Brook Hills Kids has prepared an article, “In Times Like These,” with the hope that you’ll find it to be timely and helpful.

Gospel Project at Home

BH Kids prepared a parents’ guide for you to consider using this Sunday morning with your 1st through 5th grade children. Also, the video your children enjoy in large group each Sunday morning, may be enjoyed by your entire family this Sunday. Here’s everything you need:

Bible Memory Verses

Our Spring Bible memory verses are here. This is a perfect time to discuss and work on them with your children. We’ve made the designed cards available to you as images for use on your mobile devices, and tablets, and as screen backgrounds and screen savers. You may access the images here, then select the images you want to download.

For Parents of Teenagers

Our student ministry will continue going through our Amplify curriculum in our small groups via Zoom at 11:30am on Sundays. Click here to access Sunday's lesson.