Church membership is a formal commitment a local body of Christians make to one another to love and disciple each other and live out the Great Commission together under the affirmation and care of the church. In other words, when we officially join a church, we commit to be all in with that faith family of brothers and sisters.

This Spring (April 30, May 7, & May 14), we'll walk through a new sermon series together in our Sunday worship gatherings all about what it means to be ALL IN as members of The Church at Brook Hills loving Jesus, growing in Jesus, and making disciple of Jesus together. Along with this series, we're offering a unique opportunity for anyone not yet a member of Brook Hills to complete our membership process without having to attend a separate membership class.


ALL IN Membership Details

WHO IS THIS FOR: Any child, teenager, or adult who is a Christian and knows God has led you to Brook Hills to be your faith family but hasn't yet been through our typical membership process.

WHAT IS INVOLVED: To become a member of Brook Hills through our ALL IN series, an individual needs to:

  • Repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Identify with Him and His Church through believer's baptism by immersion.
  • Register to indicate you're considering membership with Brook Hills.
  • Attend in person all three Sunday worship gatherings during our ALL IN series on April 30, May 7, and May 14.
  • Complete our Membership Assignment or Kids Membership Assignment (for children through 5th grade). This assignment is due May 14. Completing the assigment is your final indication you intend to pursue membership here with Brook Hills.
  • Meet with one of our elders (available Sundays and Wednesdays following the series and scheduled after completion of the membership assignment).

ALL IN Membership Resources

  • STATEMENT OF FAITH - It's essential for every member of Brook Hills to read, prayerfully consider, and affirm their agreement with our statement of faith.
  • CHURCH COVENANT - Our covenant expresses the corporate commitment we make with and to one another. New members are asked to affirm their agreement to our covenant as part of their elder meeting.
  • MEMBERSHIP ASSIGNMENT - This assignment helps us state in our own words God's gospel story as well as our own story of coming to know and believe the gospel. Additionally, it provides a means for us to consider how we might use our God-given gifts in service to His church.
  • PREPARING FOR BAPTISM - Baptism is symbolic—it doesn't "save" you—but is very important in the life of every believer, and therfore, every member of Brook Hills. If you've not yet been baptized by immersion, this resource can help you begin to prepare and can work in conjunction with the membership assignment.

ALL IN Membership Resources for Kids

  • STATEMENT OF FAITH - It's important for every member of Brook Hills (including children) to understand, as best they can, our statement of faith. Parents will want to review this with their child in order to provide any clarity needed and answer any questions.
  • CHURCH COVENANT - Our covenant is a promise we make to each other in The Church at Brook Hills about how we will live out our statement of faith together. New members are asked to affirm their agreement to our covenant as part of their elder meeting.
  • KIDS MEMBERSHIP ASSIGNMENT - This assignment equips parents to help their child write in his or her own words God's gospel story as well as his or her own story of coming to know and believe the gospel. Children through 5th grade may complete this in lieu of the regular membership assignment.
  • MEMBERSHIP GUIDE FOR KIDS - This material is designed to help parents discuss church membership with their child following their child's baptism. As part of our ALL IN membership process, this may prove helpful to ensure your child understands all we will be learning together in our worship gatherings. However, this is optional. Parents and children do not have to walk through this material to complete our ALL IN Membership process. If completing the Kids Membership Assignment, you'll want to at least read pages 5-7 with your child.