What is Mid-Term Missions?

Mid-Term Mission is for people who are willing to spend a summer, a semester, or a year or two sharing the gospel in a cross-cultural context.  Mid-Term is an assignment of 1 month – 2 years and is beneficial for those who are seeking to discern the best opportunity and readiness for being a long-term worker. Click HERE for more information on frequently asked questions about Mid-Term.

Mid-Term Requirements

  1. Christ-follower and Member of The Church at Brook Hills for at least 6 months
  2. Serve a term of 1 month – 2 years
  3. Meet deacon expectations (1 Timothy 3:8-13)
  4. Go through the Global Assessment and Recommendation Process by the Global Team
  5. Complete Mid-Term Training

The Mid-Term Process

Step 1 - First Step Form

Please fill out the form below, and a member of the Global Team will get in touch with you soon.

Step 2 - Meeting with Global Team Member

Our Global Team desires to walk with you every step of this process, and that begins with an initial meeting following your submission of the First Step Form.  A member of our team will reach out to you to schedule a meeting where we will be able to help you prayerfully consider your involvement in Mid-Term missions. 

Step 3 - Assessment and Affirmation

  • Application, small group leader involvement, doctrine/theology, current process of making disciples and serving the church, are you a faithful disciple.
  • A series of conversations with members of our Global Team, small group leaders, and elders to determine and affirm readiness for Mid-Term assignment.  

Step 4 - Equipping

All Mid-Term participants will be required to undergo training that will be hosted at The Church at Brook Hills close to the departure date of your trip. This training will typically be in a one-week intensive format and will cover the following…

  • Topics of Study: The Gospel, The Biblical Mandate of Mission, Global Realities, The Church, The History of Missions, Introduction to World Religions, Specific Religion Break Outs, Culture, Contextualization, Disciple-Making Strategy, Church-Planting Strategy, Sharing the Gospel Cross-Culturally, Spiritual Warfare/Persecution
  • Practical Preparation: Immunizations, Security, Finances, Logistics, Cross-Cultural Living, Teaming & Expectations, Learning Language, Partnership, Relating to Field Supervisors
  • Spiritual Preparation: Worship, Concentrated Prayer, Q & A Sessions with Brook Hills Staff, Elders, and Former Missionaries, Gospel Sowing Opportunities, Personal Discipleship

Step 5 - Support

The Church at Brook Hills generously gives financial scholarships to qualifying Mid-Termers. Brook Hills Mid-Termers are expected to raise the majority of their financial support. Details and payment schedules will be communicated on an individual basis.

Step 6 - Going

Upon departure to your field of service we encourage all Mid-Termers to remain in regular contact with their A-Teams and also the Global Team.  Upon arrival home, Mid-Termers will be expected to take part in a debriefing meeting to share about your experiences and prepare you for further ministry.