East Asia


Team Vision

God is calling His people to glorify His name and make disciples of Christ among all peoples. We as a church are committed to this task and are embarking on a journey to engage Muslim peoples in East Asia. Our hearts are drawn to these people groups because of the spiritual darkness that is evident. We desire to be a light among Muslim peoples in East Asia to the glory of Christ and for God’s saving power to be known among them by declaring God’s glory and His marvelous works through planting reproducing churches among unreached Muslim people groups in East Asia.


There are approximately 12 million Muslim peoples located throughout East Asian cities and villages.


Most Muslim people in East Asia are city-dwellers who are known as sharp businessmen. They are artisans, butchers, shopkeepers, factory workers and civil servants. Those who do live in the countryside are farmers.


Almost all Muslim peoples in East Asia are Sunni Muslims. Some are Muslims in name only while others are practicing Muslims who worship in mosques scattered throughout East Asia. Islam is closely tied to their ethnicity, and many believe that renouncing Islam is equivalent to renouncing one’s cultural identity.

Physical Needs

The needs of Muslim peoples in East Asia vary drastically. Some have received advanced degrees and live comfortable lives. Others are illiterate and struggle to put food on the table. Many need better access to medical facilities, agricultural training, and good schools for their children.

Spiritual Oppression

Muslim peoples in East Asia believe their religion, Islam, makes them who they are ethnically; yet, most of them have never read the Qur’an and do not even understand the Arabic prayers. Rejecting Islam in most cases results in being disowned by one’s family.  Ignorance and fear, in many cases, lead people to hold onto Islam.

Christian Presence

Churches have been sending workers to live among Muslims in East Asia since 1885; yet, today there are only about 500 known believers and just a few churches.

Prayer Points

  • We know that without the power of the Holy Spirit transforming lives churches will not be planted among Muslim peoples in East Asia. We believe that God desires for churches and individuals all over the world to humble themselves and pray for God to make His salvation known among these unreached peoples. We believe that God loves to answer the prayers of His children. Therefore, we desire a multitude of voices crying out to God and pleading for Him to pour out His Spirit among Muslims in East Asia and to open eyes to see and ears to hear the glory of Christ. Please join our prayer network and call out to God daily on behalf of Muslim peoples in East Asia!
  • As a part of our prayer network, you will receive monthly updates about the work among Muslims in East Asia as well as ongoing prayer requests. E.M. Bounds wrote, “The home church on her knees, fasting and praying, is the great base of spiritual supplies, the sinews of war, and the pledge of victory in this dire and final conflict. Financial resources are not the real sinews of war in this fight. Machinery in itself carries no power to break down heathen walls, open effectual doors and win heathen hearts to Christ. Prayer alone can do the deed.”