Population in Egypt:  48,240,000

Global Population:  51,580,900 (are also found in Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Italy)

Language:  Egyptian Arabic

Primary Religion:  Islam

Progress of the Gospel: Engaged yet Unreached (meaning there is some church planting work among them but still less than 2% Evangelical Christian)

The Egyptian Arabs of Egypt are the largest people group in Egypt.  Less than 2% of the 48,240,000 are Evangelical Christians.  Egypt is one of the world's greatest civilizations and is one of the most rapidly growing countries in the Arab world today.  Egypt is a desert country, with hot dry summers, and moderate winters.  For hundreds of years, the Egyptian life and culture have undergone very little change. Egyptian Arabs are known for their music, which is popular in many Arab countries. Arab men enjoy bargaining with foreigners, and tourism is a profitable industry. Other main sources of income are oil and Suez Canal dues. The annual income is $1,000.00 per person. One-third of the people are living below the poverty level.

The Nile River floods regularly and allows for rich agricultural products to thrive. Cotton, rice, corn, wheat, fruits, and vegetables are produced. Cattle, water buffalo, sheep, and goats are raised. Twenty-nine percent of Egypt's population are engaged in agriculture, the rest in industry, and services.

Cairo is the center of Islamic publications and learning. Urban populations in Egypt are swelling, resulting in masses of unemployed young men. This makes fertile soil for Islamic militant groups to flourish. Under Anwar Sadat's leadership, Egypt was the first Arab state to seek a peace treaty with Israel, and for that he was assassinated.

Islam became the state religion in 1980. The majority of Egyptian Arabs are either Shafi, Maliki or Hanafi Sunni Muslim. The constitution of Egypt states the right to freedom of beliefs and the practice of religious rites. However, in reality, this is not the case.

Coptic Christians brought Christianity to Egypt very early, where it remained for a 1000 years as the primary religion. Even today, the great majority of the Christian population are still members of the Coptic Church. Evangelical Christians are a small percent and often experience persecution.

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* Sources include Joshua Project (, International Mission Board ( and Lonely Planet for the map.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for God to call out individuals and families to be sent to plant their lives among Egyptian Arab peoples.
  • Pray for a movement of God among the Egpytian Arab peoples. Pray for God to stir the hearts of men and women towards Christ.
  • Pray for the small group of Egyptian Arab believers. Pray that God would emboldent their hearts and make them a mighty force among their neighbors and countryment for Christ.
  • Pray for those who face persecution to remain steadfast and persevere.
  • Pray for our partners in Egypt who are mobilizing the local church to reach out to their Muslim friends and neighbors with the gospel through medical clinics. Pray for God to show Brook Hills how to strengthen that partnership and to provide teams to serve when they have need.